Friday (201)5: Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions

Samantha Banks
Jan 2, 2015

Happy New Year! We hope you've had or are still having a great holiday! Have you made any new year's resolutions? We have! Check out five of our team members' new year's resolutions, and tell us what yours is! From Argentine Tango to flowing, you may be surprised by what our team wants! BONUS: the first five people to tell us their own resolutions in the comments below get a FREE pair of Dynadot Sunglasses! Now jam out, check out our resolutions, and share yours!

Go Tango Dancing in Argentina

2015 Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions - Tango Dancing in Argentina

Todd (the big boss) is a big fan of tango dancing and has been taking lessons for the last few years. In 2013, he had to miss out on the ICANN event held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so this year he's hoping to make it down there to show off his tango skills! Since ICANN will be holding another event there this year, what better reason to go!


2015 Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions - Floss Your Teeth

Robyn, who is on our marketing team, is planning to focus on her better dental care in the new year. After a few cavities this past year, she is hoping to make flossing (and using mouthwash) every night a part of her daily repertoire not just for a new year's resolution for 2015, but a new life resolution.

Attend Super Bowl 2016

2015 Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions - Attend Super Bowl 50

PDo, our resident metal-rocking engineer, has a goal to attend Super Bowl 50, which will be held locally at our new Levi Stadium. Even though Super Bowl 50 is actually the one that will be held next year, I guess it still counts as a new year's resolution since you'll have to get tickets this year?

Meditate Daily

2015 Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions - Meditate Daily

David, who is on our accounting team, has been meditating for the last few years. He finds it very calming and a great way to stay focused. In the new year, he hopes to commit more time to meditation by meditating daily.

Save More Money

2015 Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions - Save More Money - Piggy Bank

Candice, one of our customer service stunners, hopes to cut back on spending, so she can save more money in 2015. When asked is she had anything special in mind for the money she'll save, she told us that she's hoping to plan a trip to Hawaii in the new year! Aloha!

Get More Sleep

2015 Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions - Get More Sleep - Sleeping Dog

Hallie, who is also on our accounting team, hopes to get more sleep in the new year. She said that she's been coming in to work earlier, but not necessarily making it to bed earlier, so she hopes to adjust this pattern in 2015.

Travel More

2015 Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions - Travel More - Airport Sign

Justin hopes to plan some trips in 2015. When asked if he had anywhere in particular in mind, he said anywhere outside of the US interests him. He admitted that he's been spending too much time on Pinterest looking at pictures of places to visit and hasn't quite narrowed it down enough to actually plan a trip.

Eat Healthier

2015 Dynadot Team New Year's Resolutions - Eat Healthier Food

Michael, our cool Canadian engineer, eh, is hoping to improve his diet in the new year. With a busy schedule and two young kids at home, it's not always easy to eat right. Michael hopes to add more healthy food to his family's plates this year.

What did you think? Did we surprise you? We'll see just how long our resolutions last!

Comment below and tell us your resolutions to win a FREE pair of Dynadot sunglasses! Welcome the new year in style!

Post by Samantha Banks

Jan 3, 2015 7:13am
Hey, this is my plan: - Sleep at night and wake up early! - On work, spend less time on distractions and focus more on the tasks I have. This make my time more profitable. - Travel more regularly to fade out the daily routine fatigue.
Jan 3, 2015 1:58pm
Hi ! here are my five resolutions 2015: launch new projects learn a new language play sports helping people be happy :D
Jan 3, 2015 2:22pm
Hello! Mine are: Learn a new language, save money, get involved in my community, get organized, and make new friends.
Jan 7, 2015 7:57am
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