Friday Five: .TV Domains You'll Want to Register During Our Sale!

Samantha Banks
Dec 5, 2014

Happy Friday friends! This week we've prepared a list of .TV domain names that would be perfect for your new .TV website! We've divided the list into five different categories: sports, entertainment, news, clips, and, of course, Tuvalu (because .TV is also Tuvalu's country code domain!). Plus, we're reminding you of our .TV super sale we have going on during our December Domain Deals, with a price of only $9.00 for registration! Check it out:


dotTV Domains to Register Before Sunday - Sports

  • - for that time of day when people want to watch sports.
  • - for all those people that want to watch sport from far away.
  • - for all the athletes that expect the same out of their .TV.
  • - for all the hispanohablantes that want to access sus deportes.
  • - the perfect place for the hispanohablantes to watch sus deportes.


dotTV Domains to Register Before Sunday - Entertainment

  • - for all the audition videos of all our future movie stars.
  • - for all those who need to find out what on Earth to watch now that their show is over.
  • - for all those who missed their show last night and need to catch up before someone spoils it.
  • - for all those who were on TV and want their friends to go watch it over and over again.
  • - because its the holiday season and for all those who want to find their holiday TV in one place.


dotTV Domains to Register Before Sunday - News

  • - because everyone wants to read the news stories (and the missing s is either a spelling mistake or a hack).
  • - because everyone wants to know the top news, and this hack makes the domain shorter.
  • - for everyone wants to know what's new in news and find it in one place.
  • - for those who want to know what's going on outside their homeland.
  • - for those who want to be surprised by the news they didn't know yet.


dotTV Domains to Register Before Sunday - Clips

  • - for the rising stars that want to post their homemade TV shows for the world to see.
  • - for the people who want to make their own TV all on their own.
  • - for the stars that create their own videos and want their works published.
  • - for the people who just want to see the clips, not the whole show.
  • - for all those who didn't make it to America's Funniest Home Videos, but still want the world to see their fail.


dotTV Domains to Register Before Sunday - Tuvalu

  • - for all the tourists that want to see where the history took place in Tuvalu.
  • - because every capitol city needs a website with their ccTLD.
  • - for all the Tuvaluans out there that want some representation.
  • - for all of those who want to visit the beautiful island and want info before hand.
  • - for Tuvalu, so they can tell all the tourists to "come to Tuvalu."

.TV is on SUPER sale now, so register your domain while it's cheap!

During our December Domain Deals week one, .TV is on sale for just $9.00 with code TAKETV! Sale applies to all years of registration, and ends this Sunday 12/7/14 23:59 PST. Premium domains not included in sale.

Post by Samantha Banks