See How These Sisters' Site Brought Success to Their Small Business

Samantha Banks
Dec 16, 2014

What is your dream home? Sisters Kim and Kristine Halverson are realtors in Southern California, and they've seen a great number of homes that could most definitely make your dream list. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, these sisters have created a successful business, but not without the help of a great website! I've gotten the chance to interview the sisters about their site and the importance it has to their business, check out and learn how your own website could help you!

Why the Website?

Sisters Site Brought Success to Small Business - Kim and Kristine Headshot

I asked the sisters why they felt they needed to create a website, and what their goals were in creating the online hub; here's what they said:

The ability to create our own site through Wordpress was a dream. Kim took an online class from Laura Roeder on how to get started. Our goals were to have a blog where we could share our love for homes in Santa Monica. A few years later we had requests to add an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) capability to search for homes. Honestly, real estate is a ton of paperwork and driving house to house for showings and inspections. It was a selfish creation, a place for a creative outlet. We had no idea if any business would come out of it.

Although they didn't look for a business out of their website, the site did in fact become more than just the "creative outlet" they were looking for, and instead soared into a successful small business. Kim and Kristine are contacted each year by many clients who have found them online; clients who feel they already know the sisters because of the content they have on their website. They are even meeting with a potential client who found them via Instagram! There's proof that online media can get you customers from almost anywhere.

What's in the Name?

Sisters Site Brought Success to Small Business - homepage

My next big question for Kim and Kristine concerned their domain name: Why did they pick the one they did, and why did they pick .TV over other generic top level domains (TLDs)?

We have other .COM domains we've purchased from Dynadot. However, the domain name seemed fresh and we're focusing on marketing our clients' homes with it. Homeowners need a full marketing approach when selling their home and home buyers love videos to help them see a home and the local community.

With the .TV domain extension the sisters are reaching clients with media that aids not only their business, but their clients' reception of information. Kim and Kristine also express themselves through their website, and touch customers with their aspirations of being of service to their community. This December they are inspiring their clients to dream big with "December Dream Homes" posts on their blog, detailing beautiful homes that are quintessential dream homes.

A Word of Wisdom

Finally, I asked the sisters what advice they give to other small businesses in the Real Estate field concerning websites and domain names; check out this great answer!

Choose a domain that is timeless, make sure potential clients don't have to search for your contact information, and from the content to the look, be passionate about creating your site. Lastly, make sure your site looks good on mobile devices.

Short, sweet, and very useful. Thanks Kim and Kristine!

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Post by Samantha Banks