Rock Your Power: How A Website Can Show Your Best Colors

Samantha Banks
Dec 10, 2014

This week's Website Crush Wednesday goes out to, a place where small businesses and individuals who need website, brand, or social media advice, help, or services can get everything they need (from a fresh point of view)! I got the chance to interview Bethsarim van Koetsveld, founder of Rock Your Power, about her business and website, and what it means to her. Beth takes small business websites from "meh" to "WOW", with fresh, bold and innovative designs for Wordpress. Check out this awesome lady and her great site, and get the website help you deserve!

Behind the Scenes: Rock Your Power & Its Origins

Rock Your Power: Website Shows True Colors - Meh-Wow

Beth didn't start her first domain with Rock Your Power's mission in mind - in fact, her first site was created when she was 19 as a platform to publish her poetry. Thanks to a curiosity about websites and how they worked, six years down the road Beth started Rock Your Power as a site for her local clients who she could work with from her home. Rock Your Power was made with the mission to help people learn about Facebook Marketing, SEO and to get clients to build or optimize their websites. Ultimately the website needed to help Beth generate income from her home, as she was expecting her first baby.

Personal Expression in Rock Your Power

Rock Your Power: Website Shows True Colors - Bethsarim

I asked Beth how her website is a reflection of who she is and how it expresses her personality, here's what she said:

I'm a bold, out-of-the-box creative motivator with a hint of sass, so I added the black Chevron details to my navigation. I also used bold feminine colors as highlights because they represent my personality. I also made use of Michael Hyatt's tips on building your platform and he talks about prominent logo placement and a header image that really reflects your vision. I made sure my photographer was aware of this when we did the photoshoot. Finally, I wanted to keep the words to a minimum on the homepage and focus on images and of course for conversion the opt-in forms above the fold and in the footer, while the blog and blog pages focus on the content and making it easy to read. This part reflects my own need to structure information so it doesn't clutter the mind. I want people to enjoy visiting my website and leave with a BIG smile on their faces.

Just as Beth expressed herself in her website, Rock Your Power is there to help you express yourself through yours!

The Mechanics Behind the Power

Rock Your Power: Website Shows True Colors - Home Page

When creating a website there are various elements that are of key importance: 1) the domain name, 2) the extension, and of course 3) the design. For Rock Your Power, all three elements are well established, but what was the process of choosing them? First, the domain name was chosen for its length: after getting a dry throat from giving out a different domain name, Beth finally found her business name: Rock Your Power. As for the extension, Beth picked .COM because of its ubiquitous presence and its familiarity. Finally, the design of the site itself was created with inspiration from StudioPress, and the help of WordPress. The site design is based in whitespace and soft colors to create contrast and structure, and of course incorporates all the elements of Beth's personality and brand.

So what's Beth's favorite feature of her website? Beth answered the tough question explaining that the flexibility of change her website is a standout feature, but more importantly, through her website Beth lives out her passion for writing and in the process educates, entertains, and inspires her clients.

Beth's Advice to You

First, know exactly what your website should DO for your business and your clients. That will be key in saving you money during your launch and being effective with your website. I made a TON of mistakes, I tried many platforms, thinking that mattered. Truth is, knowing what your website should do and for WHOM, that is THE most important thing to consider before you launch. My journey did teach me what not to do and today I use it to serve my clients.

Second, decide NOW what you will blog about and then commit to doing it weekly for 12 months no matter what. Bringing value with content that search engines can index and serve up to people should be your PRIMARY goal after you make your website live, so don't put that off and definitely don't expect a ton of traffic if you are inconsistent or inactive.

Finally, register your domain on Dynadot. This is actually the advice I give my clients and it's even featured in my Website Launch Readiness WorkBook. I really love the control you have over your domain when you register with Dynadot. Additionally, you can secure your domain long before you get hosting and a website and there's some neat tools Dynadot offers while you get ready to invest in your BIG launch. I used to register my domains with the hosting providers and found the interface to be clunky and all over the place, I love how organized and clear the Dynadot tools are and they are complete, so you or your web-guy (or gal) can take care of things quickly without unnecessary delays and mixups.

Beth rocks her power, and wants to help you do the same - go Rock Your Power now!

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Sheila Logan Davis
Dec 12, 2014 9:10am
Excellent advice! Beth is an amazing designer and developer! Highly recommended!