This Week's New TLDs .MOSCOW & .MOCKBA are from Russia with Love!

Samantha Banks
Dec 1, 2014

This week's newest TLDs are straight from the Russian Federation, here for you to build your very own city site, and more: .MOSCOW and .MOCKBA, which is "Moscow" in Cyrillic. As the capital city of Russia, this place is an extremely important one, and a great portal to Russian markets! Check out some fun facts about the city, and register your .MOSCOW or .MOCKBA today!

A Brief History of Moscow

Newest TLDs From Russia with Love - River

Moscow is named after the river that runs through it - the Moskva River - and was originally called "the city by the Moskva River." The earliest known Moscow reference comes from 1147 - talk about old! The city has a population of 11.5 million people (or Muscovites), 3 million more than the city of New York. The city is currently the most populous in the country. Moscow was home to the 1980 Summer Olympic Games, as well as the first ever World Youth Games in 1998.

Moscow's Meaning to Russia

Newest TLDs From Russia with Love - Kremlin

Moscow is Russia's capital and home to the Kremlin, the home of Russia's government. However, Moscow has not always been the Russian capital - from 1712 to 1918 St. Petersburg was the capital, until the Bolshevik Revolution brought it back to Moscow. The capital is home to many churches, museums, and theaters and is a Russian cultural hub. Here you can find all you want to know about Russia, and more, plus you can see it all for your own eyes.

Did you know?

Newest TLDs From Russia with Love - Night

  • Russia is the number 1 consumer of mayonnaise in the world.
  • The Moscow Metro has over 180 stops.
  • The city is 864 years old.
  • The Kremlin's wall is 2235 meters (7333 feet) long.
  • Muscovites drive on the right hand side of the road.
  • Russia's surface area is larger than that of Pluto
  • Mikhail Gorbachev recorded a record of love ballads in 2009.

Reach Moscow with your own .MOSCOW or .MOCKBA today!

If you live in Moscow or it's surrounding area, .MOSCOW is for you! It's also great for businesses who are in the Moscow area or targeting those customers. With a .MOSCOW domain name, you can establish your website as local. Register yours and show off your Moscow pride today!

Post by Samantha Banks