Friday Five: .ME 5 Favorite Sites

Samantha Banks
Dec 19, 2014

Happy Friday! This week's Friday Five is all about .ME - the domain for me, you, and Montenegro! .ME Is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro, but is also used in many domain hacks and start up sites. These five websites all use the domain extension as a hack and show just how versatile it can truly be! From internet anonymity to art shows, this domain extension covers great websites - learn about some of our favorites and get inspired for your own .ME!


Me Favorite Sites - Disconnect Home Page

The online world never forgets - once you've put something online it is said that it's there forever. Although this is somewhat true, the true annoyance of the Internet is the tracking; when you click on that awesome jacket you saw it pops up in your Facebook feed two days later - creepy. Disconnect.Me is there to help this phenomena fade away. This app is a great security software that will make your online presence more anonymous and less susceptible to fraudulent data hacks! Plus, they have an educative kids version - isn't it great?!


Me Favorite Sites - Scan Home Page

This website breaks into a great tool that all small businesses can take advantage of - QR code creation. Scan.Me allows users to create QR codes simply and easily, and can link to "check in" buttons, "buy now" buttons, and more. The best part of this site is its analytics; after you've created and placed your QR code, Scan.Me will analyze scan count, time period, geographic location, and more! The analytics will help your small business understand and connect to its market even better - try it out!


Me Favorite Sites - Pinsta Home Page

For all of you Instagrammers out there, this site was made for you. Instagram is a photo sharing platform that is available for mobile users, and has limited online use. However, for those of us who think that the screen on iPhones is just too small, Pinsta.Me solves all your problems! With this site you can see and experience Instagram online, without the restrictions of a small screen or limited tools online. #Great


Me Favorite Sites - Outgrow Home Page

Outgrow.Me is a great site full of great gadgets that everyone wants to have - from 3D printers to cookie dipping spoons, you'll find things you never knew existed and they were all crowdfunded! By buying these products you are supporting the people who worked hard to create the products, not big corporations. So, for all of you who are still gift shopping for the holidays, check this one out!


Me Favorite Sites - See Home Page

See.Me is for all of you who adore the arts and want to see beautiful things. Besides just seeing, See.Me also lets you share your art for the world to see - it's a prime place for artists to find the artsy and vice versa, so check it out and be amazed!

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Bonus! Check out this awesome Montenegrin song by Igranka:

Post by Samantha Banks, who jams to Igranka more than you know.