.NETWORK is Here - Expand Your Network Online With These New TLDs

Robyn Norgan
Dec 3, 2014

Having an website can expand your network and registering the right domain name is the first step! This week, we've got several new TLDs available during both Donuts' and Rightside's Early Access General Availability period. Find out more about these new TLDs below:


There's no better way to stay connected with colleagues, professionals, and the rest of the world than with the .NETWORK domain! This specific domain serves as a central hub for individuals, groups, companies, and professionals seeking to make and hold contact with other entities.


As the Internet continues to grow, more and more software purchases are made entirely online. With a .SOFTWARE domain, you website will stand out as a place for consumers to buy and download the software they need quickly and easily.


.BUSINESS is for just what it stands for - business! Whether you're just starting up or launching a brand new virtual presence, buying a .BUSINESS domain is the perfect choice for your business website. We know running a business is hard work; you need a domain that works as hard as you do.


Guess what? We're now taking bids, er, registrations on .AUCTION! Auctioning has heavily established its online presence and with a .AUCTION domain, you can put your bids out for the world to see!


"Immo" is industry slang for real estate that covers four different languages and over 40 countries worldwide. With a .IMMO domain, you can target the real estate industry in the native languages of the customers themselves.


Every business needs a website - especially restaurants! If your restaurant specializes in pizza, then .PIZZA is the domain for you! A .PIZZA domain targets that pizza eating (and pizza loving!) audience and provides a sleek and to-the-point domain that will bring in pie lovers both locally and from around the globe.

Post by Robyn Norgan