Throwback Thursday: 6 Fun Abraham Lincoln Facts on November 6th, the Day He Was Elected President

Samantha Banks
Nov 6, 2014

On November 6th, 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States of America, and today we're tipping our hats to him! Take a look at this throwback to 6 Lincoln fun facts - they're pretty surprising! Celebrate the 16th president's election with our .LINK sale, just $5.99 the entire month of November! Lincoln would be proud, so get your .LINK on today!

Fun Facts:

Lincoln was the first president with a beard.

TBT Fun Lincoln Facts - Beard
Image: Esquire

No presidents before him had the brush, and the next president after him to have one was Rutherford B. Hayes.

He only had 18 months of formal schooling, yet practiced law without a degree

TBT Fun Lincoln Facts - Lawyer
Image: Biography

Although Lincoln's practice wouldn't fly today, he fought many cases as a lawyer, he even took a Supreme Court case in 1849.

Lincoln kept his important documents inside of his hat.

TBT Fun Lincoln Facts - Top Hat
Image: DaftCrew

The top hat was a symbol of capitalism and the upper-class, and many presidents wore them for inauguration, although I doubt many other presidents kept documents up there. The last president to wear a top hat was president John F. Kennedy in 1961.

His favorite foods were fruit and chicken casserole.

TBT Fun Lincoln Facts - Dinner
Image: Tori Avey

What a combination! This president was no vegetarian, and loved to much on chicken. Fruit was probably his dessert.

Lincoln was an animal lover, and wouldn't hunt or fish.

TBT Fun Lincoln Facts - Fido

Abe had dogs, cats, and horses galore! His dog Fido, pictured above, did not go with Lincoln to the capital upon election, but was very much loved by his owner. Lincoln's cat was so loved he even ate dinner at the White House dinner table every night with the family.

His coffin has been opened 5 times

TBT Fun Lincoln Facts - Coffin
Image: io9

In 1876, grave diggers tried to steal his corpse for a $200,000 ransom, and that was only the first time! Sadly the presidents body had to be moved and secured under cement and steel to finally allow him to rest in peace.

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All facts found via Constitution Daily.

Post by Samantha Banks, whose favorite president is Abraham Lincoln!