From India to .QUEBEC - This Week's New TLDs Will Take You Places!

Samantha Banks
Nov 18, 2014

Check out this week's new TLDs that will take you places! These two domains will connect your website with the right audience. .भारत, which is ".INDIA" in Hindi, will connect you to India's great population in their native scripture and .QUEBEC will identify your domain as a truly quebecoise hub. Find out more about these locational inspired new TLDs below!

.भारत Hindi gTLD

.भारत is Sanskrit for "India", and although the country may already have its own country code domain (ccTLD) with .IN, now it also has its own domain in a language the native population will recognize! With a .भारत domain, you can now reach almost 1.2 billion people using a domain name entirely in their native tongue! Whether you're a business targeting the Indian market or a local creating a personal page, buying a .भारत domain can help you manage your brand and target the right audience. Register your .भारत domain today and take your site to India!


.QUEBEC is one of a few new geoTLDs that are being released and it's the only one to represent a province in Canada! If you are an enterprise or individual that does business in Québec, a .QUEBEC is the most effective way to market and connect to your customers. With a .QUEBEC domain, the people you want to reach will find your business, your website, and your content much more easily. Use your domain name to set your website apart from the rest, and take your business to Québec!

.QUEBEC Domain Restrictions

The .QUEBEC central registry requires that all registrants of a .QUEBEC domain name must be an individual or legal entity with a connection to the .QUEBEC community. The link to the community can be on a linguistic, cultural, tourism, commercial, or any other basis that is conductive (and not detrimental) to the benefit of the Québec community.

Get more information about .QUEBEC's intended use requirements and get instructions on how to enter your intended use in our help files.

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks, whose next big trip will be to India!