Introducing Zippy, the Newest Dynadog

Samantha Banks
Nov 4, 2014

This week there's a new Dynadog in the office: Zippy! Zippy is intern Sam's (that's me!) dog - he's a 2 year old Chinese Imperial that has been described as a cat-dog. Although he is a playful little pup, he's also very mellow, and will happily sit and stare at you (and give you kisses) all day. Zipper is visiting the bay for a whole week just to come be a Dynapet - here's a look at the little Hippie:

He goes on car rides

Zippy the Newest Dynadog - Zippy in the Car

As a cat-dog, Zippy doesn't like to stick his face out the window, he'd rather just have some cuddles!

He rides the train

Zippy's from the countryside (where he lives with my mom), and had never been on a train before! He doesn't mind it, but there's just so many noises, he doesn't know what to do with himself!

He takes showers

Zippy the Newest Dynadog - Zippy After the Shower

He sure is handsome, huh? As my sister says: "Zippy smells like flowers after the shower!"

He wears socks

Zippy the Newest Dynadog - Zippy in Socks

After trying on his first pair of socks he waddled out of the room and came running back sockless... I guess he didn't like them!

He met Dynadog Gracie

Zippy also met Dynadog Tiger, but he was a little scared of him (Tiger is twice Zippy's size, and very playful). Zippy definitely wants to be Gracie's friend, though!

He naps at work

Zippy the Newest Dynadog - Zippy's Head on a Desk

He's not used to doing much, so just getting to work is enough to put him to sleep!

He wakes up

Zippy the Newest Dynadog - Zippy Sitting on a Desk

His favorite spot is on my desk between old intern Justin and me.

He's a happy pup...

Zippy the Newest Dynadog - Happy Zippy

Who is happy to be a Dynadog!

Zippy the Newest Dynadog - Zippy and Sam

BONUS: He fits in a backpack!

Zippy the Newest Dynadog - Zippy in a Backpack

Post by Samantha Banks, Zippy's proud and loving owner!