Friday Five: 5 Reasons Why a Domain Name is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Samantha Banks
Nov 28, 2014

Happy (Black) Friday! Are you stuffed? We here at Dynadot are again so thankful to have you! Today we want to help you find the perfect holiday gift for everyone! If you're stuck with no clue what to get someone for the holiday season, we have the perfect answer for you: a domain name. Domains are the perfect gift for several reasons - check them out below and then register your gift today!

Reason No. 1: They're Unique

What's in a (domain) name? When you gift someone a domain name you are giving them the ultimate unique gift that they cannot replicate. If you give them a firstnamelastname.domain, you give them an utterly irreplaceable gift. Be original and get them a one-and-only gift now!

Reason No. 2: They're Useful

A domain name is not a gift that the receiver will toss or want to return - a domain name is useful to anyone! With a domain name you offer the chance to make an online portal to their life, profession, business, dreams, and more! When you register their name, they receive a great opportunity to create their own space online, whether it's a personal site or blog, especially since each of our domains comes with access to our free website builder! If you don't know what name to register them account credit will go a long way. Help them start their website and get them on the road to success!

Reason No. 3: They Last

When you register a domain name you can register for 1-10 years (depending on the domain), and there's no wear-and-tear online! Unlike a pair of jeans or those shoes they really wanted, a domain name lasts them just as long as they please, which means you get all the bang for your buck, and so do they!

Reason No. 4: They're Versatile

A domain name can be used for many things - a personal site, a business site, a fan site, a food site, a blog, the sky is the limit! With this gift you are also giving the gift of versatility - the recipient can make what they want of their site, no limitations! Gifting to a new parent? With theirchildsname.domain, they now have something they can use for cute baby photos now, and that baby can use it as a personal site in the future. Clever, right?!

Reason No. 5: You Care

A domain name shows you care - just like any gift, a gift given with love is what counts, and a domain is proof that you love them (much more than whoever bought them a flyswatter). Register your domain gift, or create an account and add credit in order to give the gift of an online home now!

Oh by the way, happy Black Friday!

You didn't think we forgot did you? Of course not! This Black Friday we decided to give back to you, our customers with a special $8.15 .COM renewal coupon: THANKS2014! This coupon expires with November at 11/30/14 23:59 PST, so use it before you lose it*! Looking to register a new domain? Don't worry, we've got plenty of November domain sales and check back with us on Monday for even more December deals!

*Please note that the coupon is limited to 10 items per account.

Post by Samantha Banks

Dec 1, 2014 7:27am
Looking forward to checking back with you on Monday for even more December deals! I've got a few domains to register and renew... Woo hoo!
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Dec 1, 2014 5:32pm
Awesome! We're doing weekly deals this year throughout the month of December. Starting today you can register your .TV for just $9 with our code TAKETV before it expires 12/7/14 23:59 PST. You can check out this blog post for more info on our upcoming coupons: Happy Holidays!