Helpful Tips for New Restaurant Businesses

Samantha Banks
Oct 11, 2014

Are you a foodie with the guns to grow your own restaurant? Today's Small Business Saturday brings you some helpful hints on how to succeed with your very own new restaurant! As always, starting a new business is difficult, and the restaurant industry is no exception--there's already so many places to eat, so how do you make your joint shine brighter than the other old stars out there? I've compiled a list of important know-hows that each new restaurant owner should keep in mind during the opening process, check them out now and open your café with a bang!

I've Got an Idea!

So you want to open a restaurant. But before you can do that, you have to define the basics, and I'm not talking business plan (yet). First you've got to define your idea to tee.

The Food

So what are you going to make? We all know that a restaurant can't just be food, it's all about the type of cuisine you serve, and the way that you serve it. But going beyond just a definition of what kind of food you'll serve is what's most important: extra style really boosts restaurant appeal in the market. Define your style: will you be a family-style restaurant? A hipster café lounge? An on the go haven for the business mogul? Having this idea in mind brings you the ability to further refine your target market, location and design.

The Foodie

Who are you cooking for? Make sure you define your customer beyond just their food palette: do they study? Do they like dogs? Are they hi-tech, or do they prefer a quiet escape from the modern world? Demographics are key when looking at a restaurant's beginnings, and it is extremely important to know exactly who you're targeting, and exactly who they are. Try defining their generation first, and then think of your regular customer you know you'll have: keep them in mind while you design your place, and don't forget to think outside the box.

The Venue

It's like they always say: location, location, location! Do you want to be a hole in the wall enigma that entices your diners with a sense of mystery, or do you want to be a bold, look-at-me joint that pulls the customers in with an attractive face? Either way, it's important to define not only where in town you want your diner, but also the traffic that will go by, the building you're in, your neighbors, and of course the design of the place itself! A poorly planned restaurant can cause lag in service and satisfaction, so make sure what's on the inside is compatible with your kitchen and delivery system; after all, we all know it's what's on the inside that counts!

So You've Got a Plan, Now What?

Once you've got your business plan defined, there's a few details that will help infinitely in the growth and success of your place: support networks and resources. Using the networks you've got around you to spread the word about your restaurant is an instant (and free!) way to spread your name along the grapevine. Don't be afraid to ask for help; people are marketers too, even if they don't have the title. As for resources, be picky about where you get your information. Friends are great for the spread-the-word phenomenon, but beware of friendly advice; although some of it can be great, friends can also be a source of information that applies to what they may want for your restaurant. Therefore, when taking information from your friendly source, be sure to filter it, and don't be afraid to say no to what may not be best, even if it hurts their feelings.

Some Silly Suggestions

1. Learn, learn, learn!

Never stop trying to learn new things about: cooking, managing, accounting, food, your food, and service.

2. Go POS.

POS (Point of Sale) Systems are much more effective and organizational than your run-of-the-mill cash register. It even doubles as a clock-in, clock-out system for your employees!

3. Don't line up prices on your menu.

Experts say that if you line up the prices on your menu customers will compare between the dishes. What's that mean? It means they'll compare and buy the cheaper item--make some extra buck by placing them apart.

Good luck!

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Post by Samantha Banks