Throwback Thursday: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney

Samantha Banks
Oct 16, 2014

91 years ago today The Walt Disney Company was founded when Walt Disney signed a contract with M. J. Winkler, agreeing to produce a series of Alice Comedies. Who knew that this would be the birth of the classic production company that would fill the hearts of the world with happiness, love, and a sweet, catchy tune? Today we're celebrating the happiest company on Earth: Disney!

What Makes Disney?

What comes to the top of your head when you hear "Disney"? The company itself has many different branches; I bet you can name a few! Although the company is recognized as a whole, the enterprise is actually split into various hubs. Here they are:

The Walt Disney Studios

TBT Disney - Walt Disney Studios

Recognize that? Of course you do! The Walt Disney Studios is the movie production branch of Disney to which we owe credit for all of our favorite films. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to more modern Frozen, Disney Studios is a great source of entertainment that we love! The studio has been making movies for over ninety years, what's your favorite?

Parks & Resorts

TBT Disney - Disney World Hong Kong

Have you ever been to the "Happiest Place on Earth"? The Parks & Resorts branch of Disney is perhaps the near best thing Disney has out there, only second to The Lion King, of course. The parks are filled with your favorite characters, fun rides, and smiles for everyone! Did you know Disney even has recreational parks in China? That's right! Disney sites can be found across the globe!

Disney Interactive

TBT Disney - Walt Disney Interactive

Hopefully you've played on, and experienced the magic that is Disney Interactive. If not, don't worry, you've still got time! This great interface brings Disney movies and characters to life outside of their films, and lets users take control and interact with their favorite stories. This branch of the company feeds the gamer, and the five year old, in all of us!

Media Networks

TBT Disney - Disney Channel

Hannah Montana, anyone? Disney has become one of the most popular children's channels across the globe, and with reason! But the Disney Channel isn't even the only product of Disney's Media Networks branch, they also have ties in the ABC Television Group as well as ESPN Inc. Who'd have known? And of course, the Disney Channel is aired across the globe, so you can always catch your Disney faves on the move!

Disney Consumer Products

TBT Disney - Disney Store

Last but not least, there's the disney store: heaven for any kid on this planet. Disney produces products related to most of their films, and spreads joy in toy form. Filled with costumes, plushies, novelties, and more, these stores are located in malls around the world and bring Disney lovers the ability to bring their favorite stories home with them.

Thanks, Disney! Happy Birthday to you!

All photos found at Disney official websites.

TBT Disney - Samantha Banks Disney Princess

Post by Samantha Banks, who wishes she were a Disney princess.