OOO! Another New TLD Launches Today!

Robyn Norgan
Oct 23, 2014

This new TLD will make you say "OOO" because it literally is .OOO! That's right our newest TLD is short, sweet, and to the point with triple O's. The .OOO domain is generic, which means it's perfect for any type of website you might be dreaming up. And you'll have much more opportunity to register whatever domain name you're dreaming up on .OOO since it's so new!

You've probably noticed the many zombies, I mean people, walking around with their head in their phones. The world has gone mobile and .OOO is the perfect domain for the mobile world because it's so easy to type. Whether you're on a typewriter (though I'm not sure how you hook that up to the Internet), keyboard, or tiny touch screen, the .OOO domain is as easy as O-O-O! Gooo get your .OOO today (it's easy too - just search for it with the search bar above)!

Post by Robyn Norgan