How New gTLDs Could Help Your Business's SEO Rankings

Samantha Banks
Oct 25, 2014

.COM, .NET, and .ORG have been the top-level domain (TLD) moguls for a long time standing, but new studies show that these domains are no longer the only option for companies that want to rank high in Google's SEO results. New generic TLDs (gTLDs) are a fresh alternative to the classic .COM and .NET, as businesses can now create websites with domains that relate to their industry. Despite Google's claims that the gTLDs do not effect SEO ranking, these assessments of different searches show otherwise. The question then is: how can a different .SOMETHING gTLD help your business boost its SEO rankings?

The Studies

.BERLIN vs .DE Study

This study analyzed the ranking results of German websites with domain .BERLIN versus the German country code TLD (ccTLD) .DE. The results of the study showed that in local searches, .BERLIN websites ranked on average 1.18 positions higher on Google search than .DE websites.

gTLD SEO Study

This study compared the SEO rankings of several different gTLDs in global industry-related searches. After analyzing domains .AGENCY, .COMPANY, and .TOOLS, results found that Google was using the gTLD as an important element of the websites' SEO values. The study concluded that websites with gTLDs did have boosted rankings.

What It Means for Your Business

If your business has a TLD such as .COM, .ORG, or .NET, you could potentially benefit from a change in domain; new gTLDs could help add important keywords to your business's website and even increase its SEO ranking. With a higher SEO ranking your business's website will appear higher on search pages such as Google and Bing, and that will win you more clicks!

Check out our list of TLDs and browse gTLDs to see which could help your business get a boost!

Post by Samantha Banks