Get Your .CITY Online!

Robyn Norgan
Oct 1, 2014

Not every city can have their own custom domain extension like .LONDON or .NYC, but every city can register their domain on .CITY as of today! .CITY is the newest TLD to launch today from Donuts during their Early Access General Availability period. This of course means that last week's Donuts new TLD, .DEALS, is now available at regular price!


The .CITY domain is the perfect online home for city governments, officials, libraries, groups, events, and much more! If your business is focused on a city market, .CITY can also be a great choice for you. Are you a city person? Make it known online with your own .CITY domain for your personal website. Get creative and register a domain hack such as ILoveThe.CITY or AdventuresInThe.CITY. The possibilities are endless! Register your .CITY domain today!

In addition to .CITY, Rightside is also launching two new TLDs under their own Early Access General Availability period, which will be similar to Donuts'. Check out their newest TLDs, which are perfect for anyone practicing law:


Looking for the right domain name to get your law business online? Look no further than the domain that says what you do: .ATTORNEY! It's a great way to get your name out there, especially if you're still in law school and looking to start a personal website.


Are you a lawyer? Then .LAWYER is perfect domain for your website! Whether you're looking to get a personal website started that reflects what you do or get your law practice online, the .LAWYER domain is for you!

Post by Robyn Norgan