Friday Five: 5 Spooky .US Spots to Visit on Halloween

Samantha Banks
Oct 24, 2014

Happy Friday! It's almost Halloween, and it's spooky season! Are you a lover of this haunting season? This Friday I've found 5 of the creepiest haunted spots across the nation; from statues to cities, this list is all inclusive and can give anyone who dares a scare they'll never forget! Check out these spooky sites now!

Oakland Cemetery - Iowa City, Iowa

Friday Five: .US Spooky Spots - Black Angel
Photo from Roadtrippers

This cemetery is known for its deathly statue: The Black Angel. This statue was an expression of Teresa Dolezal Feldevert's sorrow after the death of her husband, Nicholas Feldevert, and her son, Eddie, who had died years before. Teresa hired artist Mario Korbel to create the statue, who created the memorial in the form of a golden angel that would watch over the two people she ever loved. Shortly after Teresa died and her ashes were placed beneath the angel, it began to turn black as night, starting with the eyes, until it was transformed entirely. The spooky part? People who touch the statue are tempting the fates; one girl reportedly kissed the statue's feet and was found dead six months later. Another boy touched the angel and his heart reportedly stopped beating immediately. Looks like Teresa's angel isn't so angelic after all. Do you dare touch the angel?

Felt Mansion - Holand, Michigan

Friday Five: .US Spooky Spots - Felt Mansion
Photo from Haunted Hovel

This mansion is said to be haunted by the devilish "Melonhead" children. These kids are described as "small humanoids with bulbous heads," and were rumored to have murdered and dismembered the scientist that experimented on them. The children were allegedly subjects of torturous and emotionally harmful experiments that they underwent at a nearby asylum, yet this asylum is reported to never have existed. To this day visitors say they can hear the children, and feel their haunting presence in the old home. Check it out for yourself and see if can you handle it.

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary - Moundsville, West Virginia

Friday Five: .US Spooky Spots - WV State Penitentiary
Photo from Roadtrippers

There's no surprise this place is haunted after all that's gone down inside of it. This penitentiary was the holding place of hundreds of the most dangerous criminals in history, and many died within its walls. The prison had various forms of torture it would practice on prisoners, and executions by electrocution and hanging were common. Guards would beat prisoners regularly, and suicide was not rare. Can you guess why people say it's haunted? That's right, the ghosts of old prisoners stick around to haunt intrigued visitors to this day. If you want ghosts, and mean ones at that, head over to the prison; good luck to you.

Danvers, Massachussetts

Friday Five: .US Spooky Spots - Danvers State Hospital
Photo from Roadtrippers

This entire city has had spooktacular events take place, and as a result is known as one of the creepiest cities in the nation. Thanks to witch hunts, murders, haunted hospitals, and spooky cemeteries, this town gives the heebie-jeebies to many of its visitors. The Danvers State Hospital (pictured above) was known to be the birthplace of the lobotomy, and is left haunted by many who did not survive the horrible conditions and treatments. There's also the abandoned Enticott Family Cemetery, haunted by a mother and her two children. To top off the terrific town, the Salem Village Meetinghouse which stands across the street from where the original Salem Witch Hunt all began. Talk about a spooky town, if you want more than one thrill, head to Danvers.

King's Island - Mason, Ohio

Friday Five: .US Spooky Spots - Kings Island
Photo from Roadtrippers

Last but not least, this island, full of amusement parks and haunted by death, is known to be a creep-fest for all the daring visitors who enter the property. The park has a cemetery on it, rumored to be haunted by "Tram Girl," who was supposedly buried there, and has been reported lurking around the park, especially the White Water Canyon Ride. Next, there's "Racer Boy" who was flung from a ride and killed at a different park. Despite having died somewhere else, his spirit still lingers because the train he was thrown from now rides the King's Islands tracks. Finally, the park is also home to "Tower Johnny" a boy who was cut in half when he fell onto an elevator below the park's Eiffel Tower. Johnny hangs out throughout the park and gives adventurers the spooks to this day. Check out this amusement park for some great scares, and lots of fun rides!

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Post by Samantha Banks