Friday Five: 5 .GLOBAL Trips to Take This Fall

Samantha Banks
Oct 10, 2014

Are you suffering from a case of wanderlust? The world is a big place, and its impossible to see too much of it, right?! We all know that feeling you get when you're far from home, in a beautiful place with nothing to do but explore--its something us travelers can't get enough of! I've put together a list of places to visit around the globe this fall; from scenic escapes to big city getaways, here's your list of places to hit and watch the leaves fall.


Friday Five: Best Global Trips this Fall - Canada

Canada's real big, I know! But if you want fall foliage there's more than one place you can enjoy some of the prettiest leaves on the planet. The Rocky Mountains in Alberta show off gorgeous colors, and since all the summer crowds have died off you can enjoy some peace while hiking around the fabulous forests! The Laurentaine Mountains in Quebec are another spectacular spot to check out the leaves; the region is unique because of it's sugar maple trees, not to mention they've got a roller coaster! While you're around, head over to Montreal to enjoy delicious regional food at the MTL à TABLE festival.
Fun Fact: The Hotel de Glace near Quebec City is created from 400 tons of ice each winter, and melts away each summer.


Friday Five: Best Global Trips this Fall - Iceland

Head to Iceland in Fall to escape to beautiful nature before it gets too cold! One of the most beautiful places in the world to see waterfalls and glaciers, the country also has the Aurora Borealis, and who doesn't want to see that? This time of year Icelandic farmers head out into the country to round up horses and cows, and the entire countryside celebrates the task; locals are even happy to invite tourists into the festivities, so don't miss out! If you love music don't miss the country's Airwaves Music Festival featuring famous artists from around the globe.
Fun Fact: Polls show most Icelanders believe in Elves, and even have officials to arbitrate with them in times of difficulty.


Friday Five: Best Global Trips this Fall - Istanbul

Experience quintessential Turkish culture this fall as Istanbul celebrates several cultural festivals; not only does the city host the Biennial (October 14th - November 10th), an art lover's dream, but Istanbul also celebrates Turkish Republic Day on October 29th! As for all you foodies, be sure to check out Istanbul's vast market of street food. The Turks are known for their delicious and diverse street food, but be warned, they've got some different dishes out there, so don't be picky! For the adventurous eater I suggest a kokoreç or a bowl of Işkembe. Go ham!
Fun Fact: Istanbul resides on two continents, Europe and Asia, and is the only city in the world to do so.


Friday Five: Best Global Trips this Fall - Japan

Japan is another place to see stunning colors as the leaves change; they even have a specific word for fall foliage: koyou (紅葉, literally translated: red leaves) Find some of the prettiest colors in Nara and Nikko, where you can also check out old shrines decked out in extravagant fall foliage. Autumn in Japan also boasts the Bunka No Hi festival (文化の日), or Culture Day, a great channel to learn about Japanese culture and tradition.
Fun Fact: Late night dancing is illegal in Japan.


Friday Five: Best Global Trips this Fall - Munich

Oktoberfest might be over, but that doesn't mean that Munich loses any charm: the city is still a bustling hub full of culture to explore! Go see the new and improved Lenbachhaus Museum where you can see stunning art exhibits and even enjoy a meal at the museum's restaurant, Ella, the only museum in Munich with a view of the Königsplatz square. Also. don't forget to check out the Olympiapark, the lush greenery will be a beautiful sight to see once the leaves turn!
Fun Fact: Not a single scene in the movie Munich was filmed in Munich.

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Post by Samantha Banks