Friday Five: Five Frightening Finger Foods for Halloween

Samantha Banks
Oct 17, 2014

Happy Friday! Are you frightfully frantic now that the creepiest holiday is around the corner?! This Friday we're giving you five fantastic ideas for some freaky finger foods that will be a hit at your fright night bash. Be warned: they're creepy (especially the last one)! Check out the recipes today, and see how well you can scare your guests into having an even better time!

Hot Dog Mummies

Friday Five: Frightening Finger Foods for Halloween - hot dog mummies

These mummified pigs in a blanket will be a hit for parties of all ages! Just take mini-dogs and wrap them up in some mummy-crust, and voilà! You've got yourself some old pups ready to munch on! Add ketchup for a gory effect; you'l spook the kids, and impress the adults.

Spider Eggs

Friday Five: Frightening Finger Foods for Halloween - spider eggs

These buggers are a great source of protein for your scary sourée, and they're so versatile! Just whip up your deviled eggs and add some deco--spiders aren't the only option. Also try transforming the yolk into pumpkins, or even using the white to make some eyeballs!

Apple Bites

Friday Five: Frightening Finger Foods for Halloween - apple bites

Guests will be afraid to grab these bites, but they'll be too good to resist! Who knew apples and peanut butter could be so creepy? This snack is a healthy alternative to party pickings, so go wild and make lots! They'll be a hit!

Edible Eyeballs

Friday Five: Frightening Finger Foods for Halloween - edible eyeballs

Give your guests a jump with these cheesy delights! These eyeballs will follow them wherever guests go, until they're all gone! For adult parties set a bottle of red wine out with them, and you've got yourself a classy wine-and-cheese affair. For the kids, use this as a great activity; eyeball hour will distract them, and give them a tasty snack!

Hot Dog Fingers

Friday Five: Frightening Finger Foods for Halloween - hot dog fingers

Finally, these freaky fingers are the quintessential halloween snack. You'll give all your guests the heebie-jeebies with these creepy digits! For a healthy alternative, carrots with almond nails (less creepy for kids parties).

Get ghoulish and stay spooky!

All images and recipes found through Listoic.

Post by Samantha Banks