Friday Five: The 5 Best Parts of This Year's Dynaween Fest!

Samantha Banks
Oct 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Last night Dynadot held our annual Dynaween Fright Fest, and today's Friday Five is a look into yesterday's shenanigans! Here's the five best things that happened at the terrific fiesta yesterday: take a look and get inspired for your Halloween night!

1. The Decorations

Friday Five: Five Best Parts of Dynaween - Decorations

Intern Sam (me) decorated the place and made it as Halloween-y as possible! I put up hanging sugar skull and rose decorations, hopped on a ladder to spiderweb our sun roof, put up a spooky "KEEP OUT" sign, and everyone helped blow up balloons (which Leela so kindly popped for us).

2. The Food

Friday Five: Five Best Parts of Dynaween - Food

The party was a potluck, and look at what we got! KFC, Vietnamese sandwiches, fruit, and crême brulée were all on the menu! The best part? We had leftovers for today's lunch!

3. The Dynapets

Friday Five: Five Best Parts of Dynaween - Puppies

Of course we had to dress the puppies (and kitties) up for Halloween! I'm sure you can't tell, but those are dogs in that picture (not a bumble bee and a turtle, even though they look it)! The Dynapets had just as much fun as us humans celebrating this haunted holiday!

4. The Pumpkins

Friday Five: Five Best Parts of Dynaween - Pumpkin

Dynadot went ham on our pumpkins, and competed in two carving contests this year: one internally, one with our friends over at .XYZ! Our in house winner was Luke (the designer, go figure!), and the public gets to decide who wins the #DynaXYZCarveOff!

5. The Costumes

Friday Five: Five Best Parts of Dynaween - Costume

And finally, as you all know, the best part was the costume contest! This year's winner, Robyn (pictured above) was an awesome Ariel - the superhero version! Her cats were even Sebastian and Flounder! Of course the rest of the office dressed up, and accountant Hallie won second place with a Greek goddess costume!

Check out our Facebook album to see all the fun we had!!

Hope this provides you some fun inspiration! Happy Halloween!!

Post by Samantha Banks