Get Your .WEBSITE on Sale Now!

Robyn Norgan
Sep 18, 2014

That's right, .WEBSITE is on sale now, but that's not even the best part! .WEBSITE also launches for the first time today, meaning you have lots of opportunity to find the right domain name for you and save on it! Along with .WEBSITE, we have two other new TLDs launching - .PRESS and .HOST.

.WEBSITE is the first true generic domain to be launched in the new era of the Internet. It is the perfect opportunity for individuals to find first choice, rich, and memorable domain names that are recognized globally.
Plus, .WEBSITE is on sale for just $14.99! Sale applies to all years of registration and ends 11/17/14 15:59 UTC.

From journalists, bloggers, and media professionals to news corporations and publishers, .PRESS gives individuals and organizations a meaningful platform to share opinions, disseminate information and influence their audience.

.HOST is the new top-level domain extension (TLD) for the web hosting community! .HOST is the perfect domain extension for web hosts, ASPs, ISVs, cloud service providers, data centers, and other entities within the web hosting industry.

Post by Robyn Norgan