We've Got 10 New TLDs & 2 Sales Launching Today!

Robyn Norgan
Sep 15, 2014

Today's new TLD launch might just be a record with 10 launches! That's right, we have 10 new TLDs that are available for registration now. In addition, one of our new TLDs is launching on sale, while another or our recent launches starts their sale today. Check out all the new TLDs below:

You've already heard of the popular .COM, and now there is a Chinese language version with .公司! Like .COM, .公司 is easy to remember. It's the perfect place to establish your website in the Chinese market.

.NET is one of the most popular TLDs in the world, and now, its Chinese version, .网络, is set to become one of the most popular new TLDs! Just like .NET, it's both a recognizable and versatile domain.

Bring your piece of Sin City online with a .VEGAS domain name. The .VEGAS domain provides an online identity unique and specific to the city of Las Vegas. From casinos to tourism to start-ups, .VEGAS can provide an online presence across various industries.

Are you a vodka maker, vodka drinker, or just love vodka? .VODKA is the perfect domain to create a website with the latest vodka news, vodka reviews, or anything vodka related. .VODKA is the perfect place for all businesses to showcase their vodka services and products online.

.FISHING is great for anyone in the fishing industry. Whether you fish yourself or sell fishing supplies (or both), .FISHING is a great place to share your love of fishing online. .FISHING is the perfect domain for fishing clubs, fishing blogs, fishing tips, and fishing-related businesses.

From professional chefs to food bloggers, the .COOKING domain is the most delicious domain for food on the web!  With .COOKING, you can share recipes, diet plans, food photography, and more.

Whether you love country music or the country you're from, .COUNTRY allows you to show off your country pride! Join other country music artists, bloggers, fans, and people with your very own .COUNTRY domain.

Do you love horses? Then .HORSE is the domain for you! The .HORSE domain is for equine-related businesses, suppliers, farms, breed registries and breed organizations, discipline associations, riding organizations, clubs, and those who race, show, breed, train, or just plain love horses.

You've been to a rodeo, but have you been to a .RODEO? .RODEO is a brand new domain that is geared specifically for rodeo riders, venues, sponsors, associations, related businesses and anyone who loves a good rodeo!

On Sale Now!

Freshen up your web presence with a .ORGANIC domain! It's the perfect choice for organic farmers, distributors, restaurants, non-profits, and anyone else in the organic community. Plus, .ORGANIC launches on sale for just $39.99 today! Sale applies to the first year of registration only and ends 12/31/14 23:59 UTC.

Share your story with .BIO! There are thousands of biographies online - make your biography stand out from the crowd with a custom .BIO domain. In addition, .BIO can be used for many different industries like biology, biotechnology, and more. Plus, .BIO is on sale for only $42.99 started today! Sale applies to all years of registration and ends 10/15/14 23:59 UTC.

Post by Robyn Norgan