Do You Know What .ROCKS? These New TLDs!

Robyn Norgan
Aug 6, 2014

Make your website rock with .ROCKS! .ROCKS is just one of the new TLDs launching today. .ROCKS and .ACTOR are both now available for regular registration, while four other new TLDs are now available during Donuts' Early Access General Availability period. And don't forget about last week's Donuts' new TLDs that are out of Early Access and available for regular registration: .WTF, .FAIL, .FINANCIAL, and .LIMITED.

When something rocks, you have to share it with the world and what better place to share it than .ROCKS! A .ROCKS domain is more than just a URL; it's an identity. With a .ROCKS web and email address, you show everyone where your true passion lies.

From Hollywood to Broadway, the .ACTOR domain is the perfect place to expand your acting career on the web. Create you online acting portfolio on your .ACTOR domain name by uploading head shots, featuring video clips, and even hosting your resume to give yourself a competitive edge over others.

Waiting for a domain that shows you care? Your wait is over - .CARE is here! It's the perfect domain for doctors, hospitals, or any type of healthcare related company. Have your patients or customers browse your .CARE website as you guide them through the tricky world of healthcare.

Connecting with patients has never been easier than with a .CLINIC domain name. Clinics now have a distinct and memorable domain name for their online presence. Create an online hub for scheduling, sharing important information, or creating an online community for your cause.

Cut into your online audience with .SURGERY. The .SURGERY domain offers a unique and memorable alternative for an online presence. Hospitals, private practices, and clinics can create an online hub for their clients' needs.

This is a domain that'll make you smile! .DENTAL is the perfect domain for your dental practice, dental company, dental school, or even dental tool manufacturer. It's also a great way to save on characters because "dental" is already in your domain extension!

Post by Robyn Norgan