The New TLDs are Back in .BLACK!

Robyn Norgan
Aug 26, 2014

.BLACK is the hottest new domain extension to launch today! The .BLACK domain, like the color, is full of elegance, authority, and success. With .BLACK, you can give your website a "Black Label," so customers know you offer premium products or exclusive services. This new domain is perfectly suited to symbolize anything luxurious or high-end; it will categorize your products or services as the best of the best.

Want to dedicate your website to your favorite color? Do you own a business that helps people get out of debt? Registering a .BLACK domain name will help you get online today. Plus, it will help set your website apart because not only is .BLACK unique, but it also exudes style and sophistication. Since the .BLACK domain extension is brand new, you'll have plenty of opportunity to find and register the right domain name for you. What are you waiting for? Get back online with .BLACK today!

Post by Robyn Norgan