Keep Your Website Fit With These New TLDs!

Robyn Norgan
Aug 20, 2014

You may be focused on your health, but what about the health of your website? Give your website a better start with the right domain name that will keep it fit! This week we've got five new TLDs launching and one of them might just be the domain you've been looking for! Check out our new TLDs below and don't forget to check out last week's Donuts' TLDs that are now out of the Early Access General Availability period: .CASH, .TAX, .FUND, and .INVESTMENTS.

The German word "haus" translates to house in English and is a broad term used to represent homes across German-speaking areas. .HAUS is the perfect domain for those looking to buy, sell, or share their knowledge about houses in general.

You're already focused on your health and the health of your clients, but what about your business health? Getting online is a must for your business and the first step is finding the right domain! If you're a gym owner, personal trainer, or anything else in the fitness industry, then .FITNESS is for you!

Find your seat online with a .FURNITURE domain. .FURNITURE is the perfect name to furnish your website! It offers a unique and memorable domain option for furniture stores, builders, and re-furbishers.

"Schule" is German for school and the .SCHULE domain offers a unique and memorable domain name for the scholastic field. Educational institutes, programs, products and services can create their web presence on a domain specific to their industry.

Do you offer great discounts? Well, we've got a great place for you to offer them online: .DISCOUNT! With a .DISCOUNT domain, customers will know they're getting a great deal just by looking at your URL.

Post by Robyn Norgan