Friday Five: 5 Thrilling Roller Coasters That'll Terrify You

Justin Narayan
Aug 29, 2014

For all you adrenaline junkies out there who are looking for a thrill, you’ve come to the right place. Theme parks have been developing and introducing crazy roller coaster rides that some can only dream of and others get scared of. With Labor Day weekend just about here, all you thrill seekers may want to enjoy it by screaming in fear on roller coasters. These coasters below are sure to terrify you with its height, speed, loops, and drops!

1. Behemoth (Wonderland, Ontario)

Behemoth roller coaster - canada roller coaster - scariest roller coaster

This adrenaline pumping coaster will have you clinging to the edge of your seat as it takes you up 230 feet and then sends you speeding down at a 75 degree angle of descent with speeds reaching 80 mph! The Behemoth is the first coaster to have a 200 foot drop on the very first drop. The is one of the most aggressive thrill rides in the world.

2. Banshee (King's Island Mason, Ohio)

Banshee roller coaster - best scary roller coaster

Tear through seven inversions across 4,124 feet of track. It’s the world’s longest inverted coaster, complete with a spiral, a zero-G roll, and heart-stopping finale.

3. Dragon Khan (PortAventura, Spain)

Dragon Khan - top roller coasters

Dragon Khan will take you through one crazy ride. It will blast you 150 feet up in the air plummet back down and send you screaming through vertical loops, twists, and cobra rolls. The Dragon Khan held a world record for having an astonishing 8 inversions, which probably makes it difficult to hold your lunch in.

4. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom (Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey)

>Zumanjaro roller coasters - best roller coaster

Zumanjaro blasts you to the top of a 415-foot structure from which you can catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers 60 miles away in Philadelphia (if you aren't closing your eyes in fear). After about 10 seconds, it takes a dive and drops you practically straight down at a whopping 90 mph. Since Zumanjaro is connected to the Kingda Ka roller coaster, it is considered to be the tallest drop tower in the world.

5. Fujiyama (Fuji-Q Highland, Japan)

Fujiyama roller coaster - japan roller coasters

The massive Fujiyama is just as amazing as its history. It once held the world record for being the world's tallest roller coaster, having the largest drop in the world, and being the world's fastest roller coaster. Even today, this Japanese monster is still one the world's tallest at 259 feet and fastest at 80.8 mph roller coasters in the world. Fujiyama is long and thrilling with an impressive running time of 3:36.

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By: Justin Narayan