Join the .CLUB...for less!

Robyn Norgan
Jul 31, 2014

.CLUB is one of the most popular new TLDs to be released so far. Get in on the fun and join the .CLUB during our sale! That's right, .CLUB is on sale now for just $9.99! It's on sale just in time too - for back to school! Now your school club can have a home online with .CLUB.

Whether you're looking to post your club's calendar, recruit more members, or just make it easy for everyone to stay in touch, .CLUB is the domain for you! It's perfect for any school clubs, social clubs, sporting teams, or any organization looking for the right place to establish themselves online. The .CLUB domain allows people to show their passion and helps bring people with common interests together. It's open to everyone, which means there are no restrictions on the type of club you can create on .CLUB!

For businesses, .CLUB is the perfect place to post information about your loyalty programs. Almost every company now offers their customers a way to get rewards. Make it easier for your customers to understand your system, sign up for it, and get more rewards. The .CLUB domain is the perfect compliment to your established business website - and you'll be protecting your brand online when you register your domain name on it!

The .CLUB domain doesn't stop there - it's also a great option for nightclubs, comedy clubs, and more! Post information about upcoming shows and special events, so everyone will know your club is the place to be. Since .CLUB is still new, there is much more opportunity to find the right domain name to represent your club online.

What are you waiting for? Register your .CLUB domain on sale today!

Our $9.99 .CLUB sale ends 8/31/14 23:59 UTC.

Post by Robyn Norgan