Gather 'Round! The Next Batch of New TLDs are Here!

Robyn Norgan
Jul 9, 2014

This week's new TLDs will have you saying "cheers!" because .PUB is now available for registration! Don't like .PUB? Don't worry you'll be able to air your gripe on .GRIPE! .GRIPE is now available along with three other new TLDs during Donuts' Early Access General Availability period. Plus, last week's new Donuts TLD, .SERVICES, is now available at regular price!

Your pub is at the heart of the social scene and now you can take that social presence online with .PUB! From brewpubs to publishing houses, the .PUB domain gives you a unique domain name that is marketable across a variety of industries. Restaurants and bars can create an online space where you reach potential customers and bring them from your virtual doors to your brick and mortar space.

It's no secret that many users look for consumer reviews before buying a new product or hiring a new service, but finding an unbiased or reliable review can be challenging. With .GRIPE, users now have a specific domain for reviews, ratings, comments, or complaints about products and services. Make your .GRIPE domain the go-to place for users to share and express their opinions.

Finding the perfect domain just got easier with .CAPITAL. Since the word "capital" is so versatile, it's the perfect extension for start-ups, bankers, investment firms, and more. With .CAPITAL, you can connect with potential investors as well as investment opportunities.

The .EXCHANGE domain is the perfect domain for any importing, exporting, stocks, bonds, bartering, or any other type of exchange related website. .EXCHANGE offers a unique, memorable, and marketable domain that that allows you to brand your site in a way another domain just can't.

.ENGINEERING offers the first domain specific to the engineering industry. The .ENGINEERING domain can be used by businesses, groups, or even individuals. Engineering business can use a .ENGINEERING domain to promote their latest products or even post engineering jobs.

Post by Robyn Norgan