Find & Dine with .REST & .BAR!

Robyn Norgan
Jul 14, 2014

If you're in the restaurant and food services industry, then we've got the new TLDs for you! As of today, .REST, short for restaurant, and .BAR are available for registration. The restaurant industry is expected to reach almost $992 billion this year, an increase of 15.9% since 2009! Get your restaurant's name out there with a domain that lets customers know you're exactly what they're looking for right in the URL.

Whether it's for a wine bar or a sushi bar, .BAR is the domain for you! With your .BAR website, you can make it easy for your customers to make reservations, get directions, and check out your menu to prepare for their visit. Create your online community and promote your bar online today!

Get a taste of what's for dinner with your very own .REST domain! Restaurants can feature information about their business such as menu, location, hours, and even reviews. But .REST isn't limited to just restaurants - if you're involved in the food industry or even a member of the restaurant business, there's no better place to show off all of your mouth watering food and recipes than a .REST domain.

Post by Robyn Norgan