Friday Five: 5 Websites to Help You Learn How to Code

Robyn Norgan
Jul 11, 2014

I'm not a computer engineer and I've never "officially" learned to code, but I have taught myself some coding over the last few years. It started small - the boss at my last job didn't like the font color on another website that I wanted to use for something important and I was determined not to let her stop me just because of the font color. So, I taught myself how to change that color, and from there I started learning more and more. Coding is an interesting skill to have; it's like learning another language - suddenly what used to look like gibberish will start to make sense to you. For me, it's always fun to see your "gibberish" turn into an actual webpage. You've probably heard that coding is the new skill to learn, but you may have though that it's not for you. Well, here are five website that will help make it the skill for you to learn!

1. w3schools

w3schools - Websites That Teach You To Code

I've used this website many times to find out how to do specific things such as font color, creating tables, and more. The website has a lot of useful information whether you're coding in HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, PHP, or jQuery. One of the best things about w3schools' website is the layout. Once you click on your preferred coding language, they have a breakdown on the left side with segments of different information you need to know such as formatting, layout, symbols, and more. They also offer examples, quizzes to test your skills, and even online certification.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy - Websites That Teach You To Code

Codecademy allows you to learn to code interactively for free. They offer tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby. You will need to create an account to access their tutorials, but creating an account is free and it allows you to track your progress. Plus, in addition to tutorials, they also offer easy ways to practice your skills by actually building things including web applications, a website, and even (my personal favorite) animating your name! Don't worry about making mistakes, Codecademy will warn you of errors, so you can learn from them as you make them.

3. Code Avengers

Code Avengers - Websites That Teach You To Code

Code Avengers wants to make you a coding superhero! They offer over 100 hours of interactive HTML, CSS, and Javascript lessons. Their tutorials are great for anyone who is brand new to coding because they explain exactly what you're doing and show you exactly how each piece of code affects your webpage. You can get started on their site for free, though you'll have to purchase their intermediate and advanced courses as you improve.

4. Treehouse

Treehouse - Websites That Teach You To Code

Treehouse can help you learn HTML, CSS, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, and even iOS and Android development. Their library contains over 100 courses and hundreds of videos that allow you to learn to code while earning points. Watch your progress and then test your knowledge with Treehouse's quizzes and code challenges. You can get started with a free trial and then upgrade to a basic or pro subscription to keep learning everyday!

5. Code School

Code School - Websites That Teach You To Code

Code School's motto is "Learn by Doing" and they offer courses on Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and iOS development. They have their courses set up to take you on a path of learning and building skills, though you can also choose to create your own path by checking out all of their many courses and selecting the ones you want to take. Although they focus on the languages mentioned above, their course offerings also include information on Google Maps and Google Drive, Fundamentals of Design, jQuery, and more. Plus, they're always adding courses and even list their upcoming courses at the bottom of the course list, so you know what to look forward to. You can create a free account to get started.

Post by Robyn Norgan