Save On Your .BID During Our Newest TLD Sale!

Robyn Norgan
Jun 9, 2014

That's right, our newest TLDs to launch as of today are also our newest TLD sales! .BID, .TRADE, and .WEBCAM are all available for general registration now and they're on sale for just $19.99! Our sale ends 10/11/14 21:59 UTC, so act fast and you'll not only be able to save on your registration, but you'll also have more opportunity to save on the domain name you really want since these three TLDs are brand new!

.BID is the newest domain for auctions and bidding online. Auctions have a long history, having been recorded as early as 500 B.C. Today, the Internet has brought auctions to everyone everywhere, allowing people to buy and sell goods around the world. With .BID, online auctions and bidding is more convenient than ever before. The .BID domain creates an online environment where buyers and sellers can rapidly locate the auction in which they wish to participate

Trade is defined as "the exchange of goods, services, and currencies between two or more parties" and in most countries worldwide, international trade is a significant element of their gross domestic product (GDP). Recently, businesses have witnessed a change in the way their trade is most successfully conducted - as both businesses and individuals move towards e-commerce. The .TRADE domain offers the trade sector a new TLD to conduct its business activities in a trusted, targeted manner. .TRADE will attract all those with an interest in trading - whether its international business, financial trading, or individuals looking to secure a bargain.

As the use of webcams has become integral to our daily lives, the need for an accessible, trusted, and secure online location from which to access and take advantage of webcam-related products and services becomes even more pressing. This is where the new .WEBCAM domain comes in. The .WEBCAM domain provides a highly attractive space for businesses and consumers to carry out their face-to-face online interactions. With .WEBCAM, the accessibility of webcam resources on the Internet is unrivaled, and the domain name provides a trusted location for those wishing to connect online via webcams.

Our original sale ran from their launch until 7/7/14 13:59 UTC. Our new sale started on 7/21/14.

Post by Robyn Norgan