Get .SOCIAL With These 8 New TLDs!

Robyn Norgan
Jun 4, 2014

Another Wednesday, another new TLD launch! Today, we've got eight awesome new TLDs available - four for general registration and four under Donuts' Early Access General Availability period. Plus, we have an additional four new TLDs now available for general registration - last week's Donuts' domains, .PROPERTIES, .CONDOS, .MAISON, and .TIENDA, are now out of their Early Access period!

From  social event calendars to forums, getting social online has never been easier than with a .SOCIAL domain name. The .SOCIAL domain is the place for groups, individuals, and brands to showcase their social media interactions, content, and connections online.

.REVIEWS is the dedicated online space for all reviews. Write, read, and share reviews with .REVIEWS! .REVIEWS is the perfect place to create an online community to find and write reviews for restaurants, movies, music, games, and any other products and services you can think of.

Futbol, or Soccer as it's known in the US, is the world's largest sport with over 250 million players in over 200 countries. .FUTBOL is an amazing opportunity for players, teams, fans, and even sports equipment retailers. Discuss and share your knowledge about the game, sell futbol gear, show off your team pride, and much more with your .FUTBOL domain.

Jetzt is a synonym of nu, which means now in German, making .JETZT perfect for German websites that are constantly updating. Whether you run a website focused on breaking news, sports, politics, new products and technology, or even the latest fashion, .JETZT is the domain for you!

The Internet is changing the way we find love. No matter where you are in the world, online dating sites have enabled users to connect with one another in the hopes of finding the perfect match. Now, the .DATING domain has established a central hub for dating sites of all kinds.

From music festivals to charity dinners, the .EVENTS domain is the online space for events. Everything from event planners to venues to caterers now have a domain name unique to their industry with a .EVENTS domain.

.PARTNERS is the perfect domain for anyone in a business partnership. Whether your business partnership is in law, accounting, investing, consulting, real estate or any other type of partnership, .PARTNERS is a great place to find the right domain name for you.

.PRODUCTIONS is the dedicated online space for anything and everything production related. Whether you own an independent film production company or a large production factory, .PRODUCTIONS is the perfect domain for you.

Post by Robyn Norgan