Throwback Thursday: When .YU Became .ME

Justin Narayan
Jun 12, 2014

Did you know .YU turned into .ME? So why did .YU change to .ME? Well, it's sort of complicated. The .ME domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Montenegro, which used to be part of Yugoslavia (which now no longer exists) whose ccTLD was .YU. After the Yugoslav wars broke out in the 1990s, Yugoslavia dissolved and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was formed, but was later renamed to Serbia and Montenegro. With this name change, .YU was suppose to change to .CS, but it was never actually used, which meant .YU stayed as the ccTLD for Serbia and Montenegro. In 2006, Serbia and Montenegro split and Montenegro received its independence. In 2007, Montenegro received .ME as its own ccTLD and made .ME available for everyone to register. Today, .ME has more than 700,000 domain registrations and is one of the most popular domain extensions for blogs, personal websites, and business websites.

A .ME domain is the perfect extension for businesses and individuals alike! Registering a .ME domain will not only protect your brand, but will also offer you a unique opportunity to personalize your brand in a whole new way. Many start-ups have started using .ME as a unique way to differentiate themselves. ME domains can also be used as a fun marketing tool by easily creating domain hacks like or A .ME domain extension is also a great compliment to your main website. Many individuals and businesses use .ME for their custom short link - including one of our employees (find out why she chose .ME) and us! You've probably seen our awesome short link,, which is a great way to brand our links on social media. Other companies such as Facebook ( and Time Magazine ( have also chosen a .ME extension for their custom short link.

.ME domains are also very popular for blogs and personal websites. .ME makes it easy to create a memorable and unique domain name because the word "me" is right there in the URL. A great option is always YourName.ME, though you can definitely get creative because with .ME domains are ""! Plus, .ME domains offers you more opportunity to get the right fun and memorable domain for your website, so it's easy for friends, family, and more to find you online.

With .ME - it's all about you, your business, your blog, your personal website, and much more. Search for your .ME domain and see if you can find the perfect .ME for YU. .ME is currently on sale for just $9.99 for new 1 year registrations. Sale ends 12/31/14 23:59 UTC. No coupon code is necessary - simply search, register, and save!

Post By: Justin Narayan