Friday Five: 5 Reasons We Love Having Office Dogs in Honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day

Robyn Norgan
Jun 20, 2014

When I first knew I would be working in a dog friendly office, I wasn't sure what to expect. I've always been a cat person and had three cats growing up, but never had that much interaction with dogs and, as a result, never considered myself much of a dog person. I have to say that over the past two years I have really become much more of a dog person (though I still love cats and own two). For me, having dogs in the office offers a fun way to take a break - it's like owning a dog without having the responsibility. I can take a break and pet or play with them, but I don't have to take them out for a walk. Plus, it's always nice to see their happy faces throughout the work day even (and especially) if my face isn't as happy. For the dog owners, I know they enjoy having their pets here with them and sharing them with our team. Let's face it - dogs are some of the happiest animals and every work place could use a team member who's always smiling and happy to see you!

This, among other reasons, is why we have a dog friendly office and why we love it! Check out the reasons you may want to consider a dog friendly office not just today, Take Your Dog to Work Day, but everyday!

1. They Reduce Stress

Take Your Dog to Work Day

We've all had a stressful day at work and we all know that stress can take its toll on our health. Luckily, there is an easy and low cost to reduce office stress - inviting dogs into the office! A study done by the Virginia Commonwealth University found that stress was reduced for employees who brought their dogs to work. Since they were able to bring their dogs in to the office, not only did it have a calming affect on them, but they also didn't have to worry about leaving their dogs at home by themselves.

2. They Bring Positivity Into The Office

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Dogs are known for being happy pretty much all of the time. Even if you're having a particularly tough day at work, having a dog in the office can help you stay positive. There's a reason dogs are often brought in to senior centers - they are great at cheering people up! This can also work in an office environment. Spend a few minutes with a dog to blow off steam and it's hard to stay upset with their happy smiling face looking at you.

3. They Encourage You to Take Breaks

Take Your Dog to Work Day

I know I'm one of those people who doesn't often take breaks during the work day. But sometimes taking a break can actually make you more productive and what better way to take a break than spending time with a furry friend. For those who bring in their dogs, a break often requires them to take the dog out for a bit. This is a great way to break up the day and get you outside for a bit. For everyone else, taking a break can involve playing with one of the dogs or even just spending some time with their cute, happy faces. I know in our office sometimes we have multiple people get involved with throwing a ball around for one of our dogs. Then others hear the commotion and suddenly everyone is taking a few minutes off and having fun.

4. They Encourage You to Be Friendly

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Most dogs tend to be friendly and if you're new to an office or just don't know everyone that well, a dog can help. When I first started here at Dynadot interacting with my co-worker's dogs was a great way to get to know them. It's a conversation starter and it always helps when the dogs likes you. In fact, apparently during my interview our resident Dynadog Gracie climbed in my purse. I didn't notice, but my now co-workers took that as a good sign and here I am!

5. They Make Work More Fun

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Even though work isn't always fun, dogs are! Having dogs in the office creates a different sort of environment. People in our office don't take themselves too seriously. We work hard, but we also play hard and often playing hard involves our dogs.

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Of course, having a dog friendly office doesn't work for everyone. And not every dog is suited for spending eight plus hours in an office environment, but lucky for us, we have three sweet, well-behaved dogs that often join us for the daily grind. What do you think? Should your office allow dogs? Does your office allow dogs? As you can see above, we're listening, so voice your opinion in the comments below and then check out the pics from the day we had a cat friendly office!

Post by Robyn Norgan