Social Media vs. Your Website: What's More Powerful?

Justin Narayan
May 3, 2014

With the popularity of social media, many businesses have gone to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to establish their online presence. Social media is great for businesses to broaden their exposure and establish web presence, but the problem is many businesses focus only on social media and don't put the same effort into their website. If you have a Facebook business page, I'm sure you have noticed your views and engagement decrease, that is to say if you haven't been paying Facebook to advertise your posts. It's rumored that the number people who see your posts are only going to get less, so you must make your website a priority. Why? Because 100% of the content can be seen on your website versus only a few percent who will see it on social media.

You may have seen the stories or noticed yourself that Facebook posts are not reaching the amount of people it once used to. Time Magazine reports that Facebook controls who sees your posts. Why would Facebook do this? As you may expect, it has to do with money. Facebook is limiting the exposure of your content, unless you pay Facebook for letting your own followers view the content you produce. Time reported an average of only 6% of a company's followers are seeing the company's posts. Sounds pretty bad right? There's more bad news, it's only going to get worse. It's reported that Facebook wants to cut the views down to only 1-2%. So, 98% of your followers will never see what you post, unless you pay up. Compare that to the 100% who can see your content when you place it on your website.

Although Facebook's organic reach is shrinking, quality posts that invite likes and shares can still reach many users. Posts that include questions, pictures, and videos attract more engagement than posts with just words or links alone. However, unless you pay Facebook, the chances of your post reaching a large audience (as it once did) are very slim. By focusing only on social media (as many businesses do), you allow someone else to control your content. As we see, that can translate to only a small percentage of people who actually see your content. By having a website, you have full control of your content and everyone who wants to see your content will see it, but they miss out on the social media exposure. So what's more powerful, social media or your website? I say website, since we clearly see what you lose by not having full control of your content.

What do you think is more powerful, social media or your website?

Post By: Justin Narayan