Now is the Time to Get .RICH!

Robyn Norgan
Apr 10, 2014

No, this post isn't about a get rich quick scheme, it's about our newest TLD - .RICH! As of today, .RICH is available for regular registration! With .RICH, you can join the elite online community made for the rich. .RICH is the new and exclusive domain extension and status symbol on the Internet. It caters to individuals and groups who want to showcase or discuss extravagant lifestyles!

.RICH is a great option for a personal website for those who are well-off. It offers you an attention-grabbing internet space that is unique. With .RICH, you'll be able to present your success and wealth to everyone on the Internet. .RICH is also a great option for business that focus on top-quality products and services such as diamonds, luxury yachts, and private jets. With a .RICH domain name, customers will know that your website is exclusively for them because it's in your URL!

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Post by Robyn Norgan