Someone Has The Domain I Want! What Can I Do?

Justin Narayan
Apr 23, 2014

Have you ever thought of the perfect domain name, only to find that it’s already registered? It happens to me just about every time I think of a good domain name. It can be frustrating when you think of the perfect domain name and then find out it has already been registered. What do you do when someone has the domain you want? Some people just give up and drool over the name wishing it can be theirs. Luckily there is still a possibility of owning your dream domain, even if it's already taken. Here are a few tips that may help you get your dream domain, even if it has already been registered!

.COM Only?

When looking for a domain, many tend focus only on .COM and sometimes forget about .BIZ, .ME, .NET, and the hundreds of other domain extensions including the new TLDs. .COM is one of the most popular domain extensions, however it's no secret that it can be difficult to find an available domain with a .COM. Domains like .BIZ, .ME, .NET, and the hundreds of other domain extensions have much better name availability than .COM, so chances are you'll get the name you want! Many of the new TLD's are industry specific, like .CLOTHING, .BIKE, and .PHOTOGRAPHY. Keep in mind that .COM is the most popular domain and many people still type .COM without realizing it, which means you'll be competing with the .COM sites. I'm sure you already know, but always avoid trademarked names. Using a domain name that is similar to an existing one may result in trademark infringement and you may be forced to abandoned the domain along with paying fines.

'Whois' The Owner?

If you have your heart set on a specific domain that is registered by someone else, you can use a service called: Whois Lookup to find the domain owner's name and email address. Many registrars, such as us, offer this service for free. It's very simple and easy to use. Just use the search box to search the domain and voila!, the domain owners contact information should appear. Some domain owners have privacy on their domains, which will hide their real name and contact information, but you can still use the given email to contact them. Below is an example of how the Whois information.

Whois Lookup Exampl

Make An Offer!

Once you've found the domain owner's contact information through the Whois Lookup, you can contact the owner to show your interest in the domain! Before you contact the domain owner, there's a few things you must keep in mind.

- Expect a high asking price.
- If you don't feel comfortable making an offer in the first message, you can send ask if the owner would consider selling the domain and what is the asking price.
- Feel free to counter offer, but try not to low-ball or the owner may not take your serious.
- If the domain is a developed website or a branded name, chances are the owner will not be willing to sell it.

If you are really serious about getting the domain, you can hire a domain broker. A domain broker is experienced in buying and selling domains, almost like how a real estate agent is an expert in buying and selling property. The domain broker will do pretty much all the work for you, like contact the owner, do the negotiations, and anything else they can to get you the domain.

'Watch' The Domain!

If you are unable to contact the domain owner or cannot meet their asking price, your last option is to hope the domain owner does not renew the domain so it can expire. You can find the date of expiration on the Whois information. If the domain expires, it may enter our expired auctions after its expiration date and if it's not bought there it will be dropped and you can look for it in our backorders where you can register it! It can be a long shot for this to happen, but it can happen. You can track the domain with our Domain Watch List, which let's you know any activity with the domain, such as, if the domain enters the marketplace, enters our expired auction, and more. Learn more about our Domain Watch and its awesome features on our previous blog, 5 Ways to Track Domains With Our New & Improved Watch List.

Trademarked Name?

If you own the trademark to that name, you have the right to protect your trademark under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. However, keep in mind that under the trademark law, the first person to use a trademark in commerce is considered the owner. So if you used the name to market your products or services before the domain name registrant started using it as a domain name, you may be able to prevent that registrant from continuing to use the name. Also, watch out for cybersquatters who register domains before you in hopes of getting a huge pay out when selling it. Though, sometimes people unknowingly register the domain not knowing it's a registered trademarked name. If your trademarked domain name is taken, you can get it back, but you may have to hire an attorney and it might cost you some money. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) can help you get the domain back.

If someone owns the domain of your choice, it may not be easy to get, but it is possible. Use our domain search to find out if your dream is available!

Post By: Justin Narayan