.みんな - The Domain for Everyone

Robyn Norgan
Apr 8, 2014

Everyone will love this new TLD! As of today, you can register .みんな at Dynadot! .みんな is a Japanese domain meaning "everyone" and its purpose is to allow everyone to join the web and express themselves online. The domain is, of course, open to everyone for registration, making the possibilities endless. Whether you're looking to create an online community, a personal website, or even a business website, .みんな is for everyone - including you!

Unlike other Latin based TLDs, .みんな allows its registrants the opportunity to reach people completely in their own language. With .みんな, you can register your domain name in Japanese, making your entire domain the same language and alphabet. Visitors to your website will now know to expect your website to be their own language, allowing you to reach your target audience.

Now everyone can get online with .みんな!

In the video, the girl is looking to create a website for her favorite hobby, biking. But she wants to find a more community-oriented TLD than .COM or .JP.  She learns about the new TLD, .みんな, and realizes that it’s perfect. It’s easy to use, allows privacy, and is available to anyone in any country. You can create community websites dedicated to biking, bean cakes, sustainable energy, and anything else! Why not get started with .みんな today?

Post by Robyn Norgan