Have You Heard the .BUZZ? We've Got 8 New TLDs Available Now!

Robyn Norgan
Apr 15, 2014

It seems like there are more and more new TLDs releasing every day! Although that's not entirely true (see our infographic of upcoming new TLD release dates), we are adding to our TLD list often and today is no exception. Not only do we have six new TLDs that were newly released today, but we also added two new TLDs that released last month! Get the .BUZZ on .LINK, .GIFT, .GUITARS, .PICS, .PHOTO, .SEXY, & .TATTOO!

Label your website as noteworthy and up on what is happening now with .BUZZ! With .BUZZ, you'll be able to create a buzz about your business, products, services, or even yourself! .BUZZ is a prime destination for the latest news, the next big event, and what's happening around your local community and beyond.

There's no better way to stay connected with family, friends, and the rest of the world than with the .LINK domain. This broad and all encompassing domain serves as common ground for websites of any genre, making .LINK desirable and applicable to any Internet user looking to purchase a new domain.

The .GIFT domain is the domain that keeps on giving. Businesses can create on online space for gift registries, reward programs, gift finders, or even gift cards. Non-profits and charities can use the .GIFT domain to create an online space for donations or gift drives.

Guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the world. Now there is a dedicated online space just for guitar lovers on .GUITARS! .GUITARS is perfect for sharing information, advertising, researching, discussing, and even selling guitars or guitar related equipment and services.

Thanks to the .PICS domain, you can captivate audiences with your pictures and share memories with friends and loved ones from anywhere in the world. Whether your plan on using your .PICS domain to share personal photos or promote your photography business online, people will know what your website is all about just by looking at your URL.

.PHOTO is the new online platform for photographers of all levels. Whether you're a professional photographer or just a photo enthusiast, you can share your passion for photography on .PHOTO! Today it seems like everyone has a camera out all the time so what better place to document your every photo than on .PHOTO?

Use your .SEXY domain to showcase fashion, cars, adult entertainment, or even yourself - yeah we said it! Don't be shy about things, you know you're sexy and we know it too - so come get your sexy on and register your .SEXY domain today!

.TATTOO is the perfect domain for tattoo shops, tattoo artists, and anyone in or related to the tattoo industry. With your .TATTOO website you can show off your tattoo, share your tattoo experience, and even share ideas or designs with fellow tattoo lovers.

Post by Robyn Norgan