Get Your Chinese Website Online With .在线 & .中文网!

Robyn Norgan
Apr 28, 2014

As you may have already noticed, many of the new TLDs being released are internationalized domain extensions in languages including Cyrillic, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese and more. This is very exciting because now people can register domain names entirely in their own language! Today's new TLD release includes two new Chinese TLDs: .在线 and .中文网.

在线 is the translation of the English word 'online' and now with .在线, you can get your website online! .在线 is a great option for any type of website - whether it's a business website, personal website, or even a blog! .在线 supports domain names in Chinese, allowing you to register your entire domain name in your native language.

中文网 is a Chinese phrase meaning 'Chinese language website'. .中文网 is great for personal and business websites alike and it's the natural home for Chinese language news and media sites. Like .在线, .中文网 also supports Chinese, making it another great option to register your domain name completely in your own language.

Both of these new TLDs are a great opportunity to break into the growing Chinese market. Today there are almost 600 million Chinese netizens and with a population of over 1 billion, that number is bound to grow. Get into the market and connect with potential customers in their native language with .在线 and .中文网!

Looking for another Chinese new TLD or a new TLD in another language? Check out these available new IDN TLDs...

.中国 - China's country code domain (ccTLD) (.CN is the English version)
.公司 - Chinese version of .COM
.网络 - Chinese version of .NET
.机构 - Chinese version of .ORG
.移动 - Mobile in Chinese
.みんな - Everyone in Japanese
.орг - .ORG in Cyrillic
.сайт - Site in Cyrillic
.онлайн - Online in Cyrillic
.МОСКВА & .MOSCOW (English version) - City domain for МОСКВА
.شبكة - Internet in Arabic
.بازار - "Bazaar" or "Market" in Arabic
.संगठन - .ORG in Hindi
.भारत - "India" in Hindi, basically the Hindi version of .IN

Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who had a fabulous time visiting China and seeing the Great Wall and is excited to offer Chinese speakers more options to register new TLDs entirely in their own language!