Friday Five: 5 Ways to Make Good Friday Great Friday!

Robyn Norgan
Apr 18, 2014

Woohoo it's Friday! Today isn't just any Friday, it's Good Friday, but we don't just want you to have a good Friday, we want you to have a great Friday! So check out our list of these five apps to help you make today - and everyday (yes, even Monday) - great! We'll help you get better sleep, set the mood, release some endorphins (they do make you happier), make you laugh, and focus on your happiness.

1. Start Your Day Right

Getting a good night's sleep can really improve your day. This is where comes in. It's a sleep app that uses a motion tracker and sound recorder to record how well you're sleeping. In addition to tracking you sleep, the app also uses a revolutionary sleep cycle alarm that gently wakes you from your lightest sleep. Since Sleepbot is all about helping you get the best sleep possible, using the app at night also automatically silences your phone, so you won't be woken up suddenly to a drunken text from a friend, for example. The Sleepbot app is free, so download it today for a better sleep tonight!

2. Set the Mood

The motto of Ambiance is "Relax. Focus. Explore." The app is an "environment enhancer" that helps you create the perfect, well, ambiance for you day. It features over 3,500 free sounds including rain, birds, waves, and many more. You can even create playlists and customized sound mixes will help enhance your day. The app is available online as well as via your phone (iOS and Android), iPod, and iPad. Plus, the Ambiance app is free, so get started downloading your favorite soothing sounds today!

3. Release Those Endorphins

You've probably heard that exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy - and it's true! So let Gain Fitness help you get off the couch and release those endorphins! Gain Fitness is an app that brings top notch personal trainers right to you. The app pairs you with a real-life fitness pro who will help you create a custom workout plan based on your goals. Whether you're into weight training, basketball, or yoga, this app has you covered. It even helps keep you motivated with audio cues and a tracking calendar that shows you your progress and helps you stay on track. The app is free, so there's no excuse not to try it. Get started with Gain Fitness today!

4. Laugh!

Okay, I had to include this app because it's one of my personal favorites. Not only does it make me laugh hysterically, but I can actually entertain myself with it for much longer than you would think. If you like taking selfies, you'll definitely like this app and if you don't like taking selfies, you'll still enjoy this app! CamWow is a camera app (surprising, I know) that distorts your image in several different ways. It's camera has several filters including a night vision one, a hot-and-cold image one, several fun house type mirror ones, and even one that makes you look like a drawing. There is also an Andy Warhol filter, a filter that makes you look like an evil genius or an alien (see my author photo below), and one that makes you look like you watched that tape from the movie The Ring - spooky! In addition to the CamWow app, they also have a CamWow Retro version with even more filters, however if you had to choose I'd recommend the original. That being said, both CamWow apps are free, so start laughing today!

5. Focus on Being Happy

Illuum is a happiness web app. It's a journal with a "twist to make you happier." Illuum allows you to chronicle your day (which if you're having a bad day can be a great way to vent) and give your day a rating. You can write as much or as little as you want and you can even choose to just give your day a rating and not write anything at all, so even if you're not a big writer, the app can still work for you. Illuum then analyzes your ratings to tracks your moods and give you some perspective on your happiness. Sign up for Illuum is free, so visit their website to get started being happier today!

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Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who hopes you have a great Friday!