Feeling .BLUE? Well, We've Got the Domain for You!

Robyn Norgan
Apr 17, 2014

Feeling blue? Then get .BLUE! Color your day with our newest TLDs including .BLUE, .PINK, and .RED! We can also get you online with .ONL, the abbreviation for online, get one of the largest family names online with their own .KIM, learn with the Hindi .SHIKSHA, and go mobile in China with .移动!

Blue is one of the most popular colors in the world. Now your domain can be .BLUE too!  Whether it is your favorite color or part of your brand, a .BLUE domain can be a unique addition to your web presence.

Like the color, .PINK domains have big personality! A .PINK address is a celebration of all the things you or your business are passionate about. A .PINK domain expresses joy, and courage, and optimism. If you love pink, then .PINK is a great option to create your own unique space online.

Meet .RED: the new domain that brings the heat to everything you're passionate about! Like red lipstick, a red dress, or a little red sports car; the color red brings intensity to everything. And now the .RED domain will do the same for your website!

Kim is one of the most popular surnames in the world, with over 100 million Koreans sharing this ancient and honorable name. The introduction of the new .KIM domain creates a fantastic opportunity for this extended family to establish their business or personal internet identities on a .KIM domain. Kim is also one of the most popular first names, so if you are a Kim or Kimberly, then .KIM is also the perfect personal domain for your personal website, blog, or email address.

The .ONL domain is a great opportunity for individuals, groups, or businesses looking to create an online presence. Onl is the official abbreviation for online and used in internet lingo as well as texting. With a .ONL domain name you can create your online identity for your blog or personal website.

The word "shiksha" is a versatile word used in the Hindi language, which is spoken by over 490 million people. Its meaning references education, learning, school, training, or teaching, and can easily be related to any field of study. .SHIKSHA provides a common place for educational institutions, organizations, schools, and learning centers of all kinds to promote their Internet presence worldwide.

As the Internet continues to grow and change with new users and websites, the way people browse the Internet is also changing. More and more users are using the Internet with their mobile devices. .移动 is the perfect domain for your mobile site since .移动 means "mobile" in the Chinese language, making it the perfect domain to start your mobile online presence in this language.

Post by Robyn Norgan