Friday Five: 5 Accessories to Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter!

Kathleen Borg
Apr 4, 2014

Smartphones are not only intuitive devices but they are essentially creating innovative technologies that enable us to develop endless amounts of new ideas without limitations. Over the years many - if not most - of us have made the transition into owning a smartphone and our lives have definitely changed ever since. Although technology advancements have come a long way, we as consumers thrive on new accessibility features and the ultimate convenience techniques. So if you believe your smartphone is lacking in one way or another check out these 5 smartphone accessories that may be of interest to any tech savvy individual.

1. PocketPlug

Smartphone Accessories - PocketPlug

Tired of carrying around a cable and wall adapter all the time to keep smartphone juiced up? Well, for once you don't have to worry about bringing a USB cable or charger everywhere you go. The PocketPlug is the world's first mobile phone case with an integrated charger. As long as you have the PocketPlug case and an available AC outlet, you can flip the plugs open and charge your device.

2. Olloclip

Smartphone Accessories - Pllo clip

Nowadays, it's more common for people to rely solely on their smartphone as their everyday point and shoot camera. However, people are still looking for ways to improve their amateur photos without having to carry an extra device. Olloclip's 4-in-1 lens for the iPhone is small enough to fit in your pocket and comes with two macro lenses, a wide-angle lens and a fisheye lens all for just $69. It's the perfect accessory for any photo fanatic!

3. Kogeto Dot

Smartphone Accessories -Kogeto Dot

This isn't your ordinary everyday lens. Many smartphones and cameras are capable of capturing stunning panoramic photos, but few can claim to capture panoramic videos. The Kogeto Dot will record everything around you in 360 degrees from the palm of your hand. The simple, lightweight accessory easily snaps onto your iPhone and stays securely in place thanks to its plastic mount. Once your done recording, Kogeto's Looker app allows you to share videos with your friends or upload to your favorite social sites.

4. Yellow Jacket

Smartphone Accessories - Yellow Jacket phone case

Looking for protection for both you and your phone? Check out Yellow Jacket's all in one phone case, battery pack, and high voltage stun gun! The case is said to produce 950,000 volts and 1.3 milliamps that penetrate through clothing for maximum effect. If safety is your concern, no need to be alarmed - the Yellow Jacket comes with two safety features that help prevent accidental discharge while still allowing for easy deployment in a matter of seconds.

5. ShatterProof

If you're half as clumsy as I am - this may be the answer to all your shattered screen problems. Amzer has created what they claim to be a shatter proof screen protector. The ShatterProof is scratch resistant, drop resistant, and has a special self healing capability which prevents from your screen protector from scratching. They even go as far as taking a hammer to the face of a phone!

Post by Kathleen Borg