Make .UNO the One & Let It Welcome You to the Spanish Internet!

Robyn Norgan
Mar 19, 2014

Another day, another new domain! Yesterday, the German city of Berlin officially got the first city-specific domain extension and today, Spanish speakers around the world get their own domain extension with .UNO! .UNO's goal is to connect the over 490 million Spanish speaking markets under one domain. Instead of relying on area-specific domain extensions like .MX, .UNO simply brands your website as Spanish language, opening it up to a wider audience!

.UNO isn't just limited to Spanish, as the word 'uno' is also used in English, Portuguese, and Italian. This makes .UNO a great compliment to .COM and a great option to host Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian language websites for international companies. It's also a great replacement for .COM if your website is specifically Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian. With a .UNO domain, customers will know your website is multi-lingual.

.UNO stands for number one, so register your .UNO domain name and make your website number one today!

Post by Robyn Norgan