Make Your Website the .CENTER of Attention With These New Donuts' TLDs!

Robyn Norgan
Mar 12, 2014

Everyone is looking for that perfect domain name to set their website apart. With all these new TLDs entering the market for the first time, now is the time to find that perfect domain extension that will make your website the .CENTER of attention! As of today, we have six new Donuts' TLDs that are newly available for Donuts' Early Access General Availability, and that means the .DOMAINS you drove away with last week are also available at regular price! Check out the newly launched TLDs below:

Looking for the perfect domain to bring your company online? Whether you are an online company or a brick-and-mortar store a .COMPANY domain conveys that the content on your site will be about your company whether they shop online or visit you in person.

The .COMPUTER domain name is a dynamic TLD that can be used to represent a variety of spaces in the computer industry. Whether you're a computer manufacturer, retailer, programmer, software developer, or even a tech blogger, the possibilities are endless with a .COMPUTER domain name!

.MANAGEMENT is great for both businesses and individuals involved with management. There are tons of companies that have management in their name making .MANAGEMENT the perfect domain!

.ACADEMY is a well suited domain for any educational institute, as well as for anyone looking to share knowledge. Whether you are a school with the word 'academy' in it or not, .ACADEMY will let potential students know you're exactly what they're looking for right in the URL.

.CENTER is the perfect place to share your products and services online with communities all across the globe. Businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to create a central online hub for interests of any kind with the .CENTER domain.

.SYSTEMS is the new place to share your computing and design system with others! No matter what your computer expertise, .SYSTEMS is perfect for aspiring app developers, information databases, and software companies looking to make their personal or business website available online for everyone to enjoy!

Don't see your perfect domain? Don't worry! Check out our full list of TLDs available for registration now and take a look at our list of upcoming new TLD launch dates to mark your calendar for that perfect domain extension!

Post by Robyn Norgan