Today's Special is on .MENU!

Robyn Norgan
Mar 17, 2014

That's right, today's special new TLD post is all about .MENU! Why you ask? .MENU is available for general registration as of today! Restaurants and foodies rejoice because this domain is for you - .MENU is the perfect place to host your, well, menu online! Everyone from an amateur chef to a culinary master has the opportunity to share their favorite foods with audiences all over the world. .MENU offers a convenient and personalized approach to show your online cooking portfolio and blog about new recipe ideas with fellow food fanatics who share the same love for food as you.

If you already have an established website in the food industry, you may want to register your .MENU to protect your brand. Registering your domain name on .MENU gives you the perfect place to host your restaurant's menu and customers will know they're in the right place just by looking at your URL. It's a great compliment to any restaurant website!

Looking to start your website on .MENU? Don't forget to get creative! .MENU lends itself to fun domain hacks, or domain names that use the domain extension to create a word or saying. In this case, you can register yourself a fun saying such as WhatsOnThe.MENU! Okay, so that may be taken, but since .MENU is brand new, there are still plenty of opportunities to find the right .MENU domain for you!

So ask yourself - what's on your .MENU?

Post by Robyn Norgan