Valentine's Friday Five: 5 Websites to Help You Plan the Perfect Date

Robyn Norgan
Feb 14, 2014

Today is everyone's favorite holiday to hate even though it's supposed to be all about love - that's right it's Valentine's Day! If you're planning a date with that special someone, but don't know where to start, we - and this list of websites - have you covered. Whether you've only been dating a few months, are married, or even just planning a "date" with some friends, check our list and make your Valentine's Day date count!

1. Thirty Dollar Date Night

$30 Date Night - Plan the Perfect Date for Valentine's Day with These 5 Date Idea Websites

Not only does Thirty Dollar Date Night feature cheap under $30 dates, but it's also the largest collection of cheap date ideas on the Internet! It was originally started by a couple who wanted to create a personal tool to help them come up with random date ideas and it grew from there. Now, they feature date ideas for many cities throughout the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. I decided to check out what they have for romantic date ideas in San Francisco and I found they had a long list of ideas from a picnic in Golden Gate Park to a Vampire Tour (which was definitely intriguing) to a suggestion for a Nicaraguan restaurant. You can even submit your own date ideas to the site to add to the list! And in case you don't like your date - there are also a few "worst date ideas" listed in the footer that include borrowing a kid and cutting each other's hair (yeah those sound pretty bad).

2. Datevitation

Datevitation - Plan the Perfect Date for Valentine's Day with These 5 Date Idea Websites
Want to spice it up? This Valentine's Day all you need for a gift is a love coupon book! Datevitation not only has easy to create love coupons, they also have tons of great ideas for any kind of date you may be planning. If you click on their "over 500 date ideas" section from their homepage, you're taken to a page that helps you find the right type of date for the right type of person. The best part is, their system doesn't limit you to romantic relationships. Using their drop downs at the top you can plan a "date" for everyone from your wife (romantic) to your grandma (friendly)! They also have several types of dates to choose from so you can plan the right one for you and your partner. Just remember to keep in mind their motto and "have fun. together."

3. How About We

How About We - Plan the Perfect Date for Valentine's Day with These 5 Date Idea Websites

After you sign up and tell How About We where you're located, it offers a variety of date suggestions from restaurants, to activities, to events. I clicked on their "think outside the box of chocolates" Valentine's Day date section and found some unique date ideas (around San Francisco) including a class on making your own macarons, a treasure hunt in Golden Gate Park, and a "special" gift box. They offer discounts on their dates if you become a member ($18/month), though you don't have to be a member to use their website for ideas. If you do decide to join, you will get access to even more dates, receive their couples rewards, and be able to use their free concierge service.

4. Nifty Date Ideas

Nifty Date Ideas - Plan the Perfect Date for Valentine's Day with These 5 Date Idea Websites

Need some creative fun things to do on a date? Nifty Date Ideas is here for you! Their website features a variety of date ideas, even if you're planning a - gulp - first date. The ideas are general and can be applied to any location in the world. For example, one of their creative ideas is to make kites and fly them at a local park. For those of you who haven't gotten to the official date part yet, they also have creative date asking ideas, so whether you're about to ask someone out of the first time or ask them to marry you, you're covered! They also have an app for those of you that need your date ideas on the go.

5. The Dating Divas

The Dating Divas - Plan the Perfect Date for Valentine's Day with These 5 Date Idea Websites

The Dating Divas aspire to help strengthen people's marriages - just because you're married doesn't mean you shouldn't still "date"! They have a whole section of date night ideas and are always adding more articles with new ideas. They even have ideas of four (aka for those of you who've already started a family and can't always get a sitter). One such idea that I thought was unique (and works for two, four, or more) is what they called a "world record date." No you're not going on the longest date in history, instead you're checking out any world record attractions near you! As it turns out, Ripley's has 31 attractions in North America. The date doesn't end there - you can also set your own world record courtesy of Guinness World Records' website. Check out The Dating Divas' website for more ideas including some great ideas for a memorable at-home Valentine's Day!

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Post by Robyn Norgan