Get Out Your .CAMERA for Donuts' Next Batch of New TLDs!

Robyn Norgan
Feb 5, 2014

That's right photographers and photography enthusiasts, now there are several new TLDs just for you! As of today, seven more Donuts' new TLDs are available: .CAMERA, .EQUIPMENT, .GALLERY, .GRAPHICS, .LIGHTING, .PHOTOGRAPHY, and .ESTATE. But which one will you choose? Well, here is a breakdown of each domain and its use:

.CAMERA is a great domain for anyone in the photography industry. Whether you sell cameras and other photography equipment or are the one behind the camera, .CAMERA is a great way to set your website apart from the rest.

.Equipment allows for a wide variety of equipment related websites. Whether you buy, sell, repair, or review equipment, a .Equipment domain name easily shows customers the purpose of your business the moment they see your domain.

.GALLERY is the perfect place to showcase your artwork online. With .GALLERY, photography companies and art exhibitionists now have a domain specific to their point of interest that allows people to visit their artwork online.

The .GRAPHICS domain is the perfect place to host and share your images.  With .GRAPHICS, graphic designers, artists, and photographers have the opportunity to showcase their portfolios on a domain that sets them apart from other industries.

LIGHTING is the perfect domain to showcase lighting fixtures, lamps, chandeliers, and electrical services online. Whether you're expanding your business online or creating new lighting products, .LIGHTING could be the key to your online success.

.PHOTOGRAPHY is the perfect domain for photographers! Whether you're a beginner who loves taking pictures or a seasoned photography enthusiast, .PHOTOGRAPHY is the perfect place to show off your amazing photos.

.ESTATE is the perfect domain for those in the real estate or estate law industry. .ESTATE is great domain for professional real estate agents, companies that own many buildings, and even landowners looking to lease, rent, or sell property.

All seven of these domains are now available during Donuts' Early Access General Availability period. Please note that registering domains during their Early Access General Availability period (7 days after release) will be at a higher cost. However, this does mean that last week's new TLDs - .BIKE, .SINGLES, .VENTURES, .HOLDINGS, .PLUMBING, .CLOTHING, .GURU - are now available at their regular price!

Post by Robyn Norgan