Refer Your Friends to Dynadot and We'll Give Both You and Your Friends $5 Dynadollars!

Robyn Norgan
Jan 8, 2014

Here at Dynadot we are excited about our new Refer-a-Friend program for 2014! Through our Refer-a-Friend program, we're offering our awesome customers the chance to not only give $5 Dynadollars to their friends, but also to earn $5 Dynadollars themselves! What are these Dynadollars, you ask? Dynadollars can be used towards any Dynadot purchase and, best of all, they never expire.

If you're already one of our awesome customers, you can participate by sharing your referral link through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and even email. Log in and then visit our Refer-a-Friend page where we've made it easy to share your unique referral link. Just make sure you have spent at least $10 with us in the last year, so you can be sure and get your reward of $5 Dynadollars for every referral!

For those awesome friends who are referred to us, you'll get $5 Dynadollars placed in your new Dynadot account as soon as you create it. Again, these $5 Dynadollars can be used towards any Dynadot purchase. If you're in the market for a domain, start your search or check out our advanced search page where you can see our full list of domain extensions. We also offer three different hosting plans and SSL certificates to secure your website. Just remember to thank the person who referred you by making your first purchase of $10 or more within 48 hours of your account creation, so they can earn $5 Dynadollars as well!

Thanks in advance to everyone who refers us and a special thank you to those who have already been referring us over the years! We really appreciate it!

Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who has already shared her referral link to her friends and is looking forward to seeing $5 Dynadollars soon!