Friday Five: 5 Ways to Make 2014 Your Year

Kathleen Borg
Jan 3, 2014

Considering we're only three days into this wonderful new year, there's still plenty of time to make it memorable. Although there are some things in life we can't control, our intentions, actions, and decisions make up a huge part of who we are and how we are perceived to be. Being a new year, we have endless opportunities to better ourselves and possibly others as well. I've put together a list of five ways to not only make 2014 one hell of a year but better ourselves overall.

1. Think Positive Thoughts

Instead of doubting the outcome, focus on the goal of your action. If you as an entrepreneur are wanting to seek help from others but don't want to experiment with possible rejection, then you're only limiting your business from reaching its full potential. Like they say- keep your eyes on the prize - and don't let the what ifs in life prevent you from getting to where you want to be.

2. Use Positive Words

Always tell yourself "I can" instead of "I can't". You need to believe in yourself in order to have others believe in you. By thinking positively you'll encourage a positive reaction and hopefully your optimism will inspire others to do the same. So start infecting people with your positivity so that they'll start to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Make a Mistake

When you're not sure, fake it till you make it! It's normal to feel insecure or apprehensive when you can't predict the outcome of a given situation. Whether or not the decision you choose to make is right or wrong doesn't necessarily matter. Use this life lesson as a learning opportunity and give yourself the credit you deserve for attempting to better yourself.

4. Relax - Take a Deep Breath

Given a limited amount of days with so much going on can be a little stressful when trying to meet important deadlines. Just remember not to over do it, instead take a break from your work load when you feel the pressure start to build up. Deep breathing or a quick walk around the block could be a great way for you to relax and get your mind off of things during a hectic work week.

5. Take a Leap of Faith

When all else fails, close your eyes and just go for it! This may be a little out of your comfort zone but it'll help you address any unidentified or suppressed fears that you may be hiding. You'll never know unless you try, so put your best foot forward and hope for the best!

Post by Kathleen Borg